THRIVE and KICK it InTo OVERDRIVE: Business Solutions That Work Symposium (THRIVE Conference)

Venue: The Centre at Sycmore Plaza

Location: Lakewood, California, United States

Event Date/Time: May 18, 2012 End Date/Time: May 18, 2012
Registration Date: May 08, 2012
Early Registration Date: May 08, 2012
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During the 1 day conference attendees will examine best practices for their business continuity and growth; competitive advantages, unique practices that build lasting business legacies, workshops that blend theory and practice, leadership concepts that change people, mega resources and actionable strategies to implement immediately.
Workshops are information-packed and the conference forums are designed for firms to network with one another as well as with government and business-to-business resources. THRIVE is a truly unique learning environment that you will want to experience. It’s time to KICK IT INTO OVERDRIVE!

Our goal is to help businesses at every level to THRIVE by providing a professional place to network, discover valuable business resources and learn about new ways to grow and increase profits. We want to assist businesses KICK it Into OVERDRIVE by offering basic business resource panel discussions, breakout sessions and a key note speaker addressing how to beat the competition with technology and information systems. Below is a sample of the workshops that will get your business KICKED InTo OVERDRIVE!

Sell More of What You Already Sell – The Principles of Professional Selling .. Mark Mikelat

Professional selling is tough. The key to success in the sales process rests in understanding the buying process. Do you know why your clients buy from you? Do you know the benefits that they seek from you? Do you understand why they buy from you and not a competitor? By understanding your buyers’ motivation you can win more clients, sell more products, and grow your business. Learn to sell more to more clients with less work. In this training you will learn:
• Why the sales process is about them, not about you
• The single most important factor in professional selling
• How to give to your clients first, to get the sale later
• How to get your existing clients to find new business for you
• What motivates people to buy something for $99, but not something for 99¢

Get More Done With Less Effort - To Delegate or Not to Delegate .. Mark Mikelat
You have too much work to do. Small business leaders are overwhelmed, stressed and stretched with a seemingly endless to-do list of business tasks. The most successful business people can squeeze that endless list into a short few, highly important, powerful and profitable tasks. Do you know what you should do, what you should delegate and not do at all? This workshop is a must for any small business professional who feels overwhelmed. Attend this workshop to learn to do more with less effort. In this training you will learn:
• The power of your core competency
• How to maintain leadership by giving away control
• How to delegate a $2000 task for $169
• How to delegate away an 8-hour task to get it done in 20 minutes
• To use ROI to guide every business decision that you make

4 Generations in the Workplace … Terry Lambert
In 2011, Deloitte predicted that by 2012, 2 out of 5 auto shoppers will be Gen Y, 56% of whom prefer to shop online. Additionally, by 2012, the majority of the US workforce will be Gen Y. How do you work with young workers who lack responsibility and accountability, who feel entitled, who have a false sense of self-esteem, who have very high expectations and significant differences with communication, work ethics, workplace politics, loyalty and expectations? This workshop will address some of these issues and give you some insight into why and how Gen Y’s are different from Baby Boomers and Gen X’s.

Giving Feedback and Handling Pushback .. Terry Lambert
How do you give feedback that can be understood and acted upon? How is feedback different from judgement? Which are appropriate for the workplace? How do you handle an employee who is pushing back on your feedback? How do you handle it without escalating the tension that is already a part of the conversation? How can giving feedback and handling pushback result in a win-win? This workshop will give some skill sets for giving constructive feedback and handling pushback objectively and successfully.

Success Strategies For Profitability .. Sue Hunter
The equation for profitability is sales minus expenses equals profit. In today’s changing economy, leaders in organizations are looking for ways to improve their organization and save money at the same time. Productivity is essential in order to get the job done faster, cheaper and better. Everything an organization does should be focused on exceeding customer expectations and delivering the best customer experience possible. In this training program you will learn:
• Ways to determine what your customers really want.
• Systems that you can create that are effective marketing strategies to attract and retain customers.
• Ways to analyze your processes to assure maximum effectiveness and cost efficiency.
• Productivity solutions that solve time management problems.

Succeeding Online Part 1 & 2 .. Joe Martinico
“The Nuts and Bolts of Putting Your Business Online"
~ Choosing The Best Name For Your Web Site
~ Setting Up Your Site In A Matter Of Days
~ Essential Caveats For New Online Businesses

"How to Help Customers Find You Online"
~ Understanding Search Engines And Using Them To Your Advantage
~ The Right Way To Use Social Networks
~ How To Build A Site That Gets Found By Customers

How Well You Sell It Depends On How Well You Tell It .. Jack Roberts
Your message is the first and sometimes the only thing your prospects consider before deciding to do business with you. In this session, you’ll learn how to deliver that message with clarity whether on the phone, face to face, at networking opportunities or in front of a room. When you present yourself uniquely and effectively, your prospects will recognize you as the authority and expert that they want to do business with.
You’ll also learn powerful (but little known) techniques for quickly growing your business and prospects through public speaking opportunities.
Think about it; the person who stands up in front of a group of people and speaks with poise and confidence is always seen as the leader and expert in the industry. How much is your future worth? This can be you!
Accelerate Your Leadership to the Next Level .. Furman Meggett
During this workshop, you will be equipped to:
• identify the strengths and weakness of your team or staff and learn how to make productive adjustments.
• Identify your true market and develop profitable strategies
• How to keep your team focused and excited about winning.

During this charged inter-active workshop, you will learn to be crystal clear while communicating. Get a boost to your confidence and you will learn the formula that will take your leadership skills to the next level. Furman Meggett uses his vast background and experience to bring you a condensed formula on how to quickly accelerate your leaderships to the next level.

Cutting Edge Leadership – You know when you look back and you have a following! .. Choon Mah-Meggett
As far as leadership goes; any skill can be strengthened, honed, and enhanced if we have the motivation and desire; the practice and feedback, the role models and coaching, and the support and recognition.
This Leadership Workshop is an intense, active-learning experience that includes a number of methods to fully engage participants and keep them interested:
• Fun interactive exercises and tasks
• Short lectures and presentations
• Opportunities to practice new skills
You will be given the opportunity to apply your newly acquired skills and techniques immediately during interactive exercises and tasks.
Building A New Industry & A Solid Financial Foundation in 2012! ..Rocky Pavone
Since the Global Financial Crisis of 2008, millions of families and businesses have lost revenues, personal savings, retirement, housing & business values. As a result, increased unemployment, debt, bankruptcies, and foreclosures have caused this to be one of the most challenging times in history.
This Year, Set New Goals! In this Powerful Transformational workshop, you will be given the opportunity to do a self-evaluation of your personal & business life. Then, begin taking steps toward creating the life you’ve always dreamed about. Make sure you attend this workshop because NOW you’re at the Right Place, at the Right Time to Learn the Right Solutions to Achieve Your Dreams… Don’t Miss It! Financial Independence is not just a Dream, it’s a Decision!

Social Marketing 3.0: How to Use Digital Word of Mouth to Positively Impact People and Profits .. Lawrence Cole
Like it or not, the world is becoming more social. Learn must-have tips and strategies to help you build and execute an effective social marketing strategy that keeps your brand in front of your target market and differentiates you from your competition.

Project Leadership: How to Engage Your Team Across a Project .. Dr. Michael Petran

This interactive workshop discusses the differences between project leadership and project management. While these two skill sets are interlinked, understanding how they impact the team over the phases of a project is critical for a successful outcome. The workshop takes the participants through each phase of a project (initiation, planning, execution, and closeout), and relates differing leadership styles to engage the team across these project phases. With this focus, the participant will walk away from this workshop with new tools and perspectives which can transform the way they successfully lead and manage projects.


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