Overcoming the Olympic hurdle

Venue: London

Location: London, United Kingdom

Event Date/Time: May 02, 2012 End Date/Time: May 02, 2012
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Over 7 million tickets have been sold with another 4 million tickets left to sell before the opening ceremony, giving us an indication of the enormous impact the Olympics will have on the UK's infrastructure. With severe disruptions predicted, it is essential for organisations in London and near other Olympic sites to develop a strategy to ensure that your daily operations keep running in an efficient manner.

There is an urgent need to identify key risks that could cause problems and to ensure that the upheaval caused by millions of extra visitors coming into London during the Games does not damage your organisation. Those risks may be related to public or private transport; the provision of supplies or products; the maintenance of IT or communication systems; and alternative working patterns or methods which may need to be adopted during the Games, such as an increased level of home working.

Some organisations have already developed a plan to overcome the obstacles presented by the Olympics. It is crucial for those that haven't to thoroughly understand how your organisation will be impacted to ensure business continuity during this period. This masterclass presents the ideal opportunity to guide you on the development of a business continuity strategy and to ensure any plans made are optimal for your organisation. With a duty of care to your clients, employees, suppliers and investors you need to keep your business running at all times and this will be a challenge. This masterclass is designed to help you meet that challenge.