2nd International Fluid Academy Day (IFAD) (2nd IFAD)

Venue: Radisson Blu Astrid Hotel

Location: Antwerpen, Belgium

Event Date/Time: Nov 17, 2012 End Date/Time: Nov 17, 2012
Registration Date: Nov 16, 2012
Early Registration Date: May 31, 2012
Abstract Submission Date: Oct 31, 2012
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We are very excited to present you the Second International Fluid Academy Day! A neglected topic for way too long, the interest in fluid therapy seems to be quickly rising as the medical community is making a shift from looking at fluids as a mere method of stabilization towards the appreciation of its relevant side effects.
Many questions remain to be answered indeed. What is the real impact of hyperchloremic metabolic acidosis induced by normal saline? What is the place of the colloids? What is the best colloid? Do the classic rules of thumb regarding their dosage limit and indication spectrum hold in modern times? Do we still need human albumin? What is the place of the hypertonics? How is the crystalloid vs colloid debate evolving? What will the future bring us? Can capillary leakage be treated with colloids instead of worsening it? What are the effects on the microcirculation?
And there's more! Since fluid overload is no longer seen as a cosmetic problem but as hazardous to many of our patients, a real challenge lies in the search for strategies to avoid this complication. Modern hemodynamic monitoring can help the clinician in finding thresholds to start and stop filling patients up. What is the place of the CVP and PCWP? Is there an advantage in the use of volume instead of pressure monitoring? Which technologies do we have available? What is the place of lactate? What is around the corner in non-invasive techniques?
The target audience for this day are all specialists caring for the critical patient: intensivists, anesthaesiologists, emergency physicians, internists, burn care specialists,...
The first International Fluid Academy Day was held on November 19th 2011 in Antwerp, Belgium and was a great success! A concise meeting report with summaries of the talks given by the 1st IFAD faculty is available on the website.
We hope you'll join us on this very inspiring day. Save the date!


7:30 - 9:00 Registration

Towards the Perfect Fluid Strategy (Part 1)
Chair: Azriel Perel and Paul Elbers

9:00 Introduction
Niels Van Regenmortel
9:05 Make it choice, not chance: What did we learn
from the 1st IFAD?
Niels Van Regenmortel
9:20 Make it choice, not chance: What happened in the meantime?
Rainer Gatz
9:35 Fluid strategy in the septic patient and ARDS: All fluids are good
Jean-Louis Vincent
9:55 Fluid strategy in the perioperative setting
Azriel Perel
10:15 Fluid strategy in hemorrhagic shock
Sibylle Kozek-Langenecker
10:35 Discussion

10:45 - 11:05 Coffee Break

Towards the Perfect Fluid Strategy (Part 2)
Chair: Eric Hoste and Rainer Gatz

11:05 Fluid strategy in brain injury: Answering the call of nature.
Philippe Jorens
11:20 Fluid strategy in abdominal hypertension
and liver failure
Julia Wendon
11:35 Fluid strategy in acute kidney injury
Eric Hoste
11:50 Fluid strategy during cardiac surgery
Dirk Himpe
12:05 Micro particles contamination: Innocent bystander or real threat
Thomas Jack
12:20 Discussion

12:30 - 13:30 Lunch Break

Reaching the Target (Part 1)
Chair: Can Ince and Alexander Wilmer

13:30 Interactive case discussion: What did we learn during the 1st IFAD?
Manu Malbrain
13:50 Fluid responsiveness
Xavier Monnet
14:05 Neuromonitoring
Giuseppe Citerio
14:20 Pulmonary and respiratory monitoring
Christian Putensen
14:35 How to deal with cardiorenal dilemma
Wilfried Mullens
14:50 Capillary leakage and the microcirculation
Can Ince
15:05 Discussion

15:20- 15:50 Coffee Break

Reaching the Target (Part 2)
Chair: Xavier Monnet and Jan De Waele

15:50 Perioperative fluid optimization: from gut feeling to closed loops
Frederic Michard
16:05 Latest news on abdominal pressure monitoring
Jan De Waele
16:20 Hepatosplanchnic monitoring
Alexander Wilmer
16:35 The Honorary IFAD Closing Lecture: Engineer-ing the super-fluid...
Monty Mythen
17:00 Round Table and Interactive Discussion
The Faculty
17:15 Wrap it up!
Manu Malbrain
17:30 End of meeting


Koningin Astridplein 7

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Registration Fee: Early bird* (ends May 31st 2012): €100* Regular : €150 - On site: €200 *Includes complimentary 2Gb USB memory stick containing all presentations of the 1st IFAD