Event Date/Time: May 04, 2012 End Date/Time: May 05, 2012
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Conference attendees will have the opportunity to attend and participate in paranormal group networking sessions, workshops, seminars and classes by prominent figures in the world of paranormal research and investigation. In addition conference goers will also be able to mix and mingle with various exhibitors, vendors, and merchants throughout the weekend and will be eligible to sign-up to conduct paranormal investigations at various locations in Delaware’s New Castle County for a separate fee.

Dave Schrader is the Host of Darkness Radio on Twin Cities News Talk 1130AM, the host of Darkness Events,co-author of the book, The Other Side (2009, Houghton Mifflin), he’s been a contributor to TAPS Paramagazine (the official magazine of SyFy’s Ghost Hunters show), he’s lectured at many conferences in the United States and Canada, he’s been featured on paranormal programs on Paranormal State on A&E and Ghost Adventures and was the Lead Judge on Paranormal Challenge on the Travel Channel, plus affiliates of ABC and NBC.

Bill Bean will be showing and discussing his documentary “House of the Dead” which has been shown on channels including Discovery Channel and the SyFy Channel. Bill is the most famously haunted man in America. He’s a nationally known author, lecturer and media personality. His story has been presented on Discovery Channel, Coast to Coast Radio, SYFY Channel, along with many other shows as well. Bill has given hundreds interviews and is always in demand for lectures and appearances. Bean’s book Dark Force has made a lasting impression, touching many people around the world.

David Roundtree will be giving a talk on the subject of Paranormal Technology. David Rountree has a masters in Electronic Engineering and is working on a doctorate in physics. He is an audio engineer and Acoustic Engineer (and member of the Audio Engineerig Society http://www.aes.org/aes/david-rountree ) and has done government work on psychoacoustics and non-lethal deterrents.

Keith Morrison will be discussing the topic of controlling the environment and the paranormal.
Keith Morrison is the Founder, Tech Manager, EVP Specialist, Lead Investigator for Complete Paranormal Services or C.P.S.. He has been dealing with paranormal activity throughout his life; since he was a child. These occurrences are the drive behind his quest to find answers and help others in dealing with and dissolving paranormal activity in their home or business. He has been investigating and helping others for many years; working with several churches and stepping in; on several occasions to help other paranormal investigation teams after they bit off more than they could chew. Keith has formed other paranormal teams in the past, but assembling a paranormal research team with the same dedication, and desire that he has was an undaunted challenge. Finding people with these same attributes, and diverse backgrounds, along with the desire of being part of one of the leading paranormal research teams is what led to the formation of CPS several years ago. For Keith: What started out as a hobby and desire has grown not only into a passion but has gone well beyond that, and is an obsession. The ability to bring about paranormal activity and then be able to dissolve it is what keeps Keith “Reaching Out to the Otherside”.

John O'Neil will be discussing: Making Your Group Flourish as a 501 (3)(c) Organization

John O’Neil is the former president and current business manager for The Delaware Ghost Hunters, Delaware’s premiere paranormal investigative team. He has successfully transformed a small paranormal team into a successful non-profit organization that conducts private and public investigations as well as many events that fund a support local historical sites. Under his guidance DGH has grown and flourished as an elite paranormal group. John has been interested in the paranormal for many years. He currently has degrees in nondestructive testing and organizational leadership. He is currently the Manager Ultrasonic Testing and Failure Analysis for a global gas supply company and an experienced root cause investigator and lead quality auditor.

Darren Holland will be talking about ATMOSPHERIC CONDITIONS: How they relate to paranormal phenomena, and the biological effects they can produce. Darren Holland is a certified paranormal investigator with the IGHS, and the director of the York County Paranormal Research Team. His drive to try and understand life’s oddities began at a young age when he started reading everything he could get his hands on relating to science on the fringe and unusual occurrences. He began conducting formal investigations in 1994. Darren’s related fields of study include occult practices, theology, metaphysics, cryptozoology, ESP, telekinesis, psychic abilities, UFO and abduction phenomena, and quantum physics. Darren has spent over 15 years in the music industry where he honed his skills as a sound engineer and pro audio advisor. In recent years, Darren has focused his attention more to the technological and biological side of paranormal research which has led to working relationships with some of the field’s most renowned engineers, physicists, and medical specialists. Today he can be found bench testing and field testing new technology from many of the field’s most respected developers, as well as some of his own creations, and writing about them inPennsylvania Paranormal Magazine. His regular article in PPM titled “Dead Technology” covers the latest technology and theories in the field of paranormal studies, gear reviews, interviews with engineers, and much more. His new book (also titled Dead Technology) is set to be released in late 2012. Darren serves as the technical consultant for the region’s first and only paranormal resource center and supply shop, Gear 51 (www.gear51.com), which specializes in first generation research equipment, educational programs, and serves as a networking outlet for the regional paranormal community.

Mark Sarro is the founder, lead investigator, and tech manager for Chester County Paranormal Research Society of C.C.P.R.S.. He has 10+ years experience as an audio engineer, experience in photography and videography as well as website design and implementation. Mark has had a life-long interest in the paranormal and created the group to investigate and document this activity in a way that will positively contribute to this field of study as a whole. His experience on the technical side of things allows him to develop and implement the protocols and procedures for using the gear in the field with the team.


Additional Information

FIRST STATE TO HOLD FIRST PARANORMAL EXPO MAY 4th-6th, 2012 The Delaware Ghost Hunters (DGH) is pleased to announce Delaware’s inaugural paranormal conference is being held in Delaware City, Delaware Friday – Sunday May 4-6, 2012. It will be the “First State’s” first paranormal conference. Conference goers will be able to attend and participate in paranormal workshops, seminars and training classes as well as valuable networking sessions. The expo will feature several prominate guest speakers in the world of paranormal research and investigation. A list of these events will be posted on our expo website within the next few days. There will also be many vendors and merchants, as well as food and informational booths all day Saturday in Battery Park, Delaware City. These booths will include other paranormal groups, vendors, and other merchants. Accommodations for the Expo: Rooms have been blocked off at the Holiday Inn Express & Suites Wilmington-Newark, if you wish to have overnight accommodations. Guests can call the Front Desk to book, by referencing “Delaware Ghost Hunters” or the booking code “DGH”. Rooms will be reserved for conference attendees until April 15th so book early! Below is the hotel website and information. Holiday Inn Express & Suites Wilmington-Newark 1201 Christiana Road Newark, DE 19713 p: 302.737.2700 x 3937 f: 302.451.3939 Investigations Attendees will be able to register for exclusive investigations at various sites through-out New Castle County, Delaware. During these investigations you will be provided the opportunity to investigate freely in these locations. These are not tours, but rather an oppurtunity to conduct a paranormal investigation. PLEASE NOTE: Spots are limited on these investigations and may fill up quickly! Currently Available Investigations: FRIDAY NIGHT MAY 4th, 2012 -Fort Delaware 9pm-2am -Bellevue Hall Mansion 9pm-2am -Delaware City Hotel (includes special dinner at Crabby Dicks from 8-9pm) 9pm-2am -The Sterling Building (W/ option to join special Crabby Dicks dinner 8-9pm) 9pm-2am SATURDAY NIGHT MAY 5th 2012 -Fort Delaware 9pm-2am -Delaware City Hotel (includes special dinner at Crabby Dicks from 8-9pm) 9pm-2am -The Sterling Building (W/ option to join special Crabby Dicks dinner 8-9pm) 9pm-2am TO ACCESS INVESTIGATION TICKETS Upon registration for the event, you will recieve a special code with your tickets allowing you to come back to this site. After entering the promotional code where it says "Enter Promotional Code" a list of the currently available investigations and their prices will become available for you to select from. There is no limit on what you may sign up for but conference registration is required and WILL BE CHECKED AT THE INVESTIGATION. Lanyards wil be provided to ensure registation. *More investigations are subject to become available at this time.* A schedule of events, seminars, and lectures as well as other information will be released on the Expos website at delawareparanormalexpo.com *please note that due to high demand tickets are being offered at a discounted rate of $30 until March 15th. On March 16th tickets will increase to $40 so buy early before prices go up and investigations sell out!* Follow the event at our Facebook page This event is open to novice and experienced individuals interested in the field of paranormal science.