Event Date/Time: Dec 05, 2012 End Date/Time: Dec 10, 2012
Registration Date: Dec 03, 2012
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Stage 3 of the Championship in History


- Archeology
- General history (of the relevant period)
- Historiography, source study and methods of carrying historical research
- History of international relations and external policy
- History of science and technics
- Domestic history
- Ethnography, ethnology and anthropology
- Open specialized section
Stage 3 of the championship in Political sciences
- Political problems of international relations and global development;
- Political institutions, ethnopolitical conflict management, national and political processes and technologies;
- Theory of politics, history and methodology of political science;
- Sociology and psychology of politics;
- Political management;
- Political PR and advertising;
- Open specialized section
Stage 3 of the championship in Military sciences


- Geopolitical factors of military science development;
- Anthropogenic elements in military science;
- Philosophical and ideological doctrines of war and military conflicts;
- Military operations strategy and tactics;
- Open specialized section

Open interdisciplinary section (materials in other areas not related to the subject of the championship / conference are accepted).

Conference organizers:

-The International Academy of Sciences and Higher Education (Great Britain);
-All-Ukrainian Academic Union (Ukraine);
-National Bologna Center (Ukraine);
-International Commerce and Industrial Union (UK);
-American International Commercial Arbitration Court (USA).
The international organizing committee of the conference:

-Boris Zhytnigor (Ukraine)
-Stevens Godvint (UK)
- Anatole Tim (USA)
-Thomas Morgan (UK)
- Sergei Serdechny (Australia)
- Lucas Streiker (Belgium)
The event will take place in London (Great Britain).

Working languages

Scientific works (reports and articles) are presented at the championships in two languages: publication languages and presentation languages.

A work shall be published in a collection of scientific works only in a publication language. Each of the project participants may choose as a publication language one of the following languages of international communication: English language, Russian language.

Publication on the website may be in a publication language (obligatory) and a presentation language (at the participant's discretion).
If a participant of a national championship deems it necessary to present his/her scientific work (a report or an article) in two languages, the presentation language for the work will be the official language of the country this participant represents.

Form of conduct of the championship / conference

Remote interactive form. This form of conduct of the championship / conference does not require participant's personal attendance. To acquaint the participants and other interested persons with scientific works presented at the event, the articles and brief information about the authors will be presented in the Internet at the site www.gisap.eu.


5 Alexandrovsky Avenue, office 13; Odessa 65045, Ukraine