Event Date/Time: Jul 25, 2012 End Date/Time: Jul 30, 2012
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The UN Mandate University for Peace Centre for Executive Education invites you to join us this summer for our most popular course!

The world is changing rapidly and the future is something that is hard to visualize. We must endeavor to teach to an audience whom is changing with it without losing integrity or getting overwhelmed.

Educating for the 21st Century is a one-week, on-site course in Costa Rica that will bring together diverse educators to immerse ourselves in answering the difficult questions we all face about educating ourselves and our students for the future.

We have created a learning environment directed towards working towards tangible results, tools and methodologies. You will not be sitting still listening to lectures; rather, you will be a part of fluid discussions and active demonstrations. During your time in this course, we welcome you to think outside of the box of your typical educational paradigms for an open, exciting and collaborative environment.

During this course you will experience and participate in:
•The chance to work on your individual mission statement and methodologies in an innovative, encouraging environment.
•Educational technology and how to incorporate it into your daily lives and curriculum.
•Shared conversations about globalization, social change and sustainable development and how it affects your profession.
•Leadership development and pedagogies for the new millennium.
•The incredible beauty of the University for Peace and the Earth Charter, an example of a globally recognized campus working towards development for sustainability.

This course will inspire you to think differently and positively about your career path. You will redefine your daily choices and redesign the actions that you take in the classroom. You will go home with a new set of tools and skills as well as a group of friends to network with from around the globe.

You have the task to educate for the future.
Come to Costa Rica to develop your imminent role as a teacher in your field!

To apply for this course: http://www.centre.upeace.org/index.php/courses/82-educating-for-the-21st-century-


Additional Information

$2,450 for people outside of Costa Rica. Contact us for group/couples rates!