Pediatrics - Focus on Adolescent Medicine and Young Adults

Venue: Westin Diplomat Hotel

Location: Hollywood, Florida, United States

Event Date/Time: May 25, 2012 End Date/Time: May 27, 2012
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The faculty member will discuss current clinical challenges via didactic presentations and roundtable discussions. Audience participation is encouraged throughout the course.

TARGET AUDIENCE - This activity is designed for primary care physicians and all healthcare professionals involved in the care of adolescents.


~ Sports medicine: lower extremity - Objectives: 1.Be able to examine each joint in the lower extremity to evaluate injury 2.Understand the basics of sport rehabilitation 3.Be able to guide parents regarding weight lifting in teens.

~ Sports Medicine: back and Upper extremity - Objectives: 1. Be able to work up the common causes of back pain in teens 2. Be able to diagnose serious sports injuries of the upper extremity especially young pitchers

~ Sexual Health 101- Robert E. Morris, MD Objectives: 1) Know suggested clinical guidelines for testing for various sexually transmissible infections 2) Understand new approach to adolescent sexuality that is more inclusive of the family and compatible with normal adolescent development 3) Understand the pitfalls of current approaches to adolescent sexuality 4) Using the genital exam to provide sexuality information to adolescents 5) Review human papillomavirus infection, immunizations and hints to improve acceptance of HPV immunization

~ Adolescent Dermatology: - Objectives: 1. Be able to recognize common foot rashes and know their treatment 2. Be able to diagnose dysplastic nevus syndrome and plan their management 3. Be able to recognize various nevi seen in adolescents

~ Adolescent Menstrual Disorders and Gynecology - Objectives: 1. Be able to diagnose the leading causes of menstrual disorders in Adolescents and be able to manage them medically.

~ Adolescent Contraception - Objectives: 1. Understand the special needs of adolescents when considering contraception 2. Be able to choose the best contraceptive method for an adolescent and be aware of contraindications and warning symptoms of serious complications from contraceptive use.

~ Adolescent Development and Relationship to Understanding Behavior - Objectives: i. Understand the phases of development ii. Understand how development issues relate to interviewing and motivation iii. Be able to distinguish normal from abnormal behavior

~ Substance Use and Abuse and Evolving Patterns - Objectives i. Understand Various Substances of Abuse ii. Understand motivational interviewing techniques iii. Assessing readiness to change iv. Understand Treatment spectrum

~ Mental Health Disorders for Primary Care Practitioners - Objectives i. Understand how to Evaluate Depression ii. Understand how to Evaluate and Treat Attention Deficit Disorder

~ What You need to know About Eating Disorders - Objective i. Understand how to Evaluate Eating Disorders and Complications ii. Understand The Primary Care Physicians role in monitoring patients with eating disorders

~ Practicing Adolescent Health Care in the Electronic Age: Using Electronics to Improve Care Quality - Objective i. Understand how an Electronic Medical records (EMR) can be beneficial ii. Understand Pay for Performance and Implications for Reimbursement iii. Understand EMR Meaningful Use and Reimbursement iv. Electronics That may Benefit your practice 1. New and Novel Approaches

~ Issues For Gay, Lesbian and Transgendered Youth - Objectives i. Understand motivational Interviewing ii. Understand and Learn how to discussion prevention iii. Understand Health Screening and immunizations iv. Understand relationship to bullying, substance use and depression


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