Event Date/Time: May 29, 2012 End Date/Time: May 31, 2012
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Hydrocarbon Migration is a much talked about, and little understood area, where advances in our geological understanding of processes would revolutionize exploration activity.
And with ever more constraints on reservoir development (particularly in unconventional wells) and engineering challenges in recovering reserves, there is huge value in improving our knowledge of petroleum system behaviour and how to reduce exploration risk. This program provides you with the very latest views on migration and hydrocarbon mechanics from an outstanding speaker faculty of world-renowned experts. It will enhance your understanding of how the science behind reservoir formation and characteristics can be used to improve and de-risk your exploration activities.
This meeting is the world’s most comprehensive multi-discipline conference to focus on Petroleum Migration. Attend and you will examine physical mechanisms, measurements of reservoir behaviours and modeling & prediction of reservoir production mechanisms in both conventional and unconventional resources.
With two main schools of thought governing approaches to migration you may be in the ‘Earth is too complex – we already know as much as we are likely to’ camp. Or you may believe we should try to use every scrap of knowledge, every example, to strive to understand and predict migration for whatever benefits this may deliver. Whichever your camp, participation in this conference will increase your understanding of migration and ultimately aid you in developing new approaches to exploration and reservoir identification.
Combining the expertise, research programs and tools of geologists, engineers, leading academics and key solutions providers this agenda brings Petroleum Migration into a practical spotlight.