Event Date/Time: Jun 26, 2012 End Date/Time: Jun 28, 2012
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Shaping the Future of HPAPIs…
The dawn of the era of targeted therapies has spelled the end for the pharmaceutical blockbuster model and opened the door to the development of Highly Potent Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients.
In oncology and beyond, HPAPIs are dominating the pharma landscape, increasing cost-efficiency and improving treatments for patients. However, this rapidly expanding area has its hurdles; complex handling and specialized equipment requirements, hazard management and personnel protection to name but a few.
These challenges have led to innovations in technology, drug discovery and development, but have also impacted CMO companies who must strive to meet the needs of their pharmaceutical partners by offering effective solutions for high potency manufacturing and containment.
Harnessing the potential of HPAPIs
Imagine a meeting where these issues are top of the agenda. Where experts meet to consider the implementation of robust handling and specialized manufacturing protocols for highly potent molecules. Where new therapeutic applications for highly potent compounds are discussed. Where environmental health and occupational toxicology strategies are shared. And of course, with coverage of how you partner with the right CMO to deliver the very best results.
With help from experts at Merck, Eli Lilly, Bristol Myers Squibb, SAFC,AstraZeneca, and Roche Genentech, we have worked to design a cutting edge agenda addressing the problems you’re currently facing in your Highly Potent product development, manufacturing and handling operations.
The inaugural World HPAPI Summit is the world’s only dedicated event where you can address these issues and network with your peers in a frank and openenvironment.
Bringing together pharma, biotechs, and contract manufacturers as well as containment and handling experts, this meeting will provide an unbeatable opportunity to learn from others’ experiences. Share best practices; learn from the leaders and come together to discuss the future of HPAPIs.
Why attend?
• Understand where and how the HPAPI market is evolving
• Hear from leading companies about approaches to flexible containment engineering solutions for HPAPIs
• Understand the benefits of outsourcing in this field, and the importance of choosing the right CMO to reduce liability and costs for your company
• Get an update on the latest strategies to maintain cost efficiency, minimizing worker exposure and effective risk management for highly potent compounds
• Meet HPAPI experts and learn from their direct experience in manufacturing and handling highly potent agents
There’s no better place to get up to speed on the cutting edge of HPAPIs!
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What will be covered on the agenda?
• Successfully Navigating the Occupational Toxicology Landscape
• Excellence in EHS, PIE and Industrial Hygiene Programs
• Revolutionizing Biopharma – Impacts of A New Era of HiPo Therapies
• Creative & Innovative Containment Solutions
• Successful HPAPI Applications in Oncology & Beyond
• Effective Risk Management and Proper Communication to Ensure Safety for the Life of a High Potency Project
• Setting Excellent Outsourcing Strategies for HPAPIs
• Special Handling Measures for Potent Compounds for Antibody Drug Conjugates
And much more, click here to download the full brochure.
Who should attend?
The World HPAPI Summit is the world’s only meeting focusing on the development, manufacturing and handling of highly potent drug compounds. This means it is for:
• Pharma companies focusing on developing HPAPIs for novel targeted therapies
• Scientists working in HPAPI development and medical chemistry
• Occupational Toxicologist and Industrial Hygiene professionals
• Biotechs working on highly potent small molecule compounds
• CMOs offering innovative manufacturing and containment solutions, looking to partner with drug developers
• Equipment and Handling Solution Providers specializing in dealing with these potent compounds