2nd Annual Smart Grid And Smart Meter Summit

Venue: Abu Dhabi

Location: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Event Date/Time: Oct 08, 2012 End Date/Time: Oct 09, 2012
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With the GCC energy consumption continuing to grow at an unprecedented
rate due to growing population, increased standard of living and higher
coal prices, there is a dire need to further advance the power grid to efficiently
manage our resources. Smart Grid is the answer to a sustainable
future that will see the Middle East with reliable, economical and adequate
The Middle East has made a commitment to reduce CO2 emmissions and
is in the nascent stage of foraying into the Smart Grids with successful pilot
programs of the Smart Meters fueled by further expansion in various parts
of the GCC along with successful Grid upgradation to the Smart Grids. The
Middle East has a vision of reducing CO2 by enabling 3% of its electricity
generation reductions through renewable and variable sources. This will be
followed by achieving the same up to 7% by 2050.
Our Summit will involve the Utilities and Government bodies laying out
the future strategies and vision to successfully implement the Smart Grid
and laying out the road map for the Grid advancement. Also, executives
from global technology providers and Smart Grid experts will present their
solutions and best practices, have intense panel discussions and increased
technical awareness through workshops, ensuring a step ahead to see the
Middle East achieve their vision for a smart future.