3rd Annual Global Petrochemicals Technology Conference

Venue: Doha

Location: Doha, Qatar

Event Date/Time: Oct 01, 2012 End Date/Time: Oct 03, 2012
Registration Date: Oct 01, 2012
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Highlights of this conference would be the latest developments in the downstream industry, discuss the trends with regard to environmental friendly petrochemical technologies, and explore developments in catalyst technology and alternate feedstocks.The speaker panel at this high-level summit will comprise representatives from eminent companies including TASNEE Petrochemicals(Saudi), BASF (UK) and Chemsafe Srl (Italy) Sahara Petrochemicals Company (Saudi Arabia), and many more.
The Impact of Shale Gas on the availability of feedstock
Shale Gas as an alternate energy source
What is the Environmental impact and impact on water
Latest developments in shale gas
Low Cost raw materials from shale gas formations in the region

Developments in Gas to Liquids (GTL) Technology
Moving to flare-gas recovery systems to decrease waste and reduce emissions
GTL Fuel which helps to reduce local emissions
GTL carbon lifecycle outcomes
Underground Coal Gasification and downstream conversion
Focusing on catalyst testing, product development & research in sulphur management

Using Biomass as a feedstock substitute instead of petroleum based feedstocks
Bio based polymers as a solution for alternate feedstocks
Biomass conversion technologies
Strategies to deal with bio fuels

Catalyst technology and innovation targeted at profitability in petrochemical production
Catalyst Market Overview
What's New What's changed?
Drivers for Petrochemical Catalysts
Maximising catalyst lifetime brings windfall profitability

Catalytic cracking v/s thermal cracking for the production of olefins
Olefin conversion technologies
Global developments in polyolefin technologies
Finding an alternative to satisfy the size of the feedstock to olefins and petrochemicals.

What differentiates this event from similar events?

For Solution Providers:
Pure technology driven event
Green technology topics
Catalytic technology
For Delegates:
Focus is global and not only regional
Latest developments in downstream
The Industry is moving from recovery to expansion



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Price: 3day Conference Fee- USD $3199 2day Conference Fee- USD $2499