Online Course: International Prospect Research

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Event Date/Time: Jul 10, 2012 End Date/Time: Aug 13, 2012
Early Registration Date: Jul 03, 2012
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With the balance of wealth shifting overseas, the future of philanthropy is poised to take on a much more global face. However, the first step in your process for targeting potential international donors, prospect research, becomes exponentially more challenging in different languages, and with varying levels of data publicly available.

Join us for a unique online course experience that will help you strengthen your international prospecting skills. In four sessions, we will cover researching sources of wealth, real estate and other assets, trends and research strategies for international philanthropy, and ratings and resources for a variety of regions around the world. Between sessions, you will have the chance to practice what you’ve learned with a few of your own international prospects, and you’ll come away with at least two full prospect profiles.


Prospect researchers at all levels tasked with providing profiles on potential international donors will benefit from this course.


You will learn how to:

* Locate signs of wealth and philanthropy abroad
* Understand how asset allocations differ by country
* Design more accurate country-specific capacity rating formulas
* Incorporate international work into your regular research office offerings


The Academic Impressions online course format differs from our traditional webcasts in that it offers content, networking, and activities for one group of learners over a longer period of time. This format is right for you if:

* You desire the intensity, depth, and interaction of a face-to-face conference format but wish to complete many of the components on your own time and at your own pace.
* You desire one-on-one interaction with course instructors and other course participants.
* You want to create a signature project that will directly apply to the goals you are working to achieve on your campus.
* You work well in a format where a portion of the work is self-directed.


This course consists of four live sessions, as well as assignments between each of the live sessions. The structure of this online course mirrors the structure of a prospect profile. The first three live sessions cover research strategies for wealth, assets, and philanthropy. The fourth live session explores ways to design effective capacity rating formulas for your international prospects and how to outfit your research office for increased international work. Tips for using international search engines and overcoming language barriers will be included throughout the course. The issues and trends described in this course will be illustrated with key examples from countries around the world.

Between sessions, you will have the opportunity to practice what you’ve learned through the creation of a signature project that is specific to your work and your institutional setting. Your project for this course will involve creating two full prospect profiles. You will complete the project in phases and receive feedback on the project from the course instructor each week.

To ensure maximum interactivity and personal attention, enrollment will be limited. Take advantage of this unique opportunity while space is still available!


Communication and Materials for Online Course

After registration, each registrant will receive a confirmation of payment or an invoice, depending on method of payment. All materials for this course, including login instructions for the four live webcasts, will be housed on a course site. You will receive a URL, username, and password for this course site shortly before the course begins. (To participate in the live webcasts, you will need a computer with a high-speed Internet connection. You will have the option to receive audio via your computer speakers or telephone.)

Optimizing Your Course Experience

We have designed this course for a single learner per registration. Included in your registration are credentials for the online course site, as well as the ability to receive customized feedback from the instructors on the assignments throughout the course that culminate in the signature project.

We recognize that you may still choose to participate in the four live webcasts as a team. If you choose this option, please plan accordingly for the following:

1. Please note that you will only receive one set of credentials for the course site, and these will be sent to the registrant. If others need access to the course site, please make arrangements to share your credentials once we provide them.
2. Also, you will only be able to receive feedback on one set of assignments / signature project. If multiple people are participating from your team, you will need to coordinate how to complete one set of assignments and submit them.
3. Finally, you should consider designating a lead team member at your site who can enter your team’s responses to various interactive opportunities during the webcast.

Can't Attend the Live Session(s)?

If you can’t attend the four live webcasts, you still have options:

o If you need to miss one or more of the live webcasts that accompany the course but wish to participate in the asynchronous activities and receive feedback on your assignments, you will be able to watch recordings of each session via the course site within a few days of each session’s broadcast.
o Order a CD Recording of the event, which will be delivered to you along with a bound copy of the presentation materials. The CD will be shipped within 10 business days of the session date. For customers in the United States and Canada, shipping is included. Orders placed outside of the United States and Canada will be charged an additional $35. You will also receive access to the course site.

Note: If you purchase the recordings of this event only as per Option 2 above, you will not have access to instructor feedback on your signature project and will not be able to participate in the asynchronous activities. You will, however, be able to view other participants' completed projects and the online discussion threads via the course site.


This webcast has been approved for continuing education credits toward the CFRE International application for initial certification and/or recertification.