NRM Planning for Resilience

Venue: L\'Aqua, Cockle Bay

Location: Sydney, NSW, Australia

Event Date/Time: Jun 20, 2012
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Australia is undergoing many drivers of landscape change.
Climate change and the price on carbon are propelling the development of policies and plans to help regions improve and safeguard environmental outcomes, whilst benefitting the economy. Equally, increasing demands on our natural resources pose enormous challenges to land use planning for agricultural and mining development and conservation policies.
While these drivers of landscape change vary in demand, the need for our regions to remain resilient and sustainable remains unchanged.
Resilience thinking offers an approach to environmental management that makes it possible to identify undesirable states in the landscape and determine landscape thresholds. Understanding this concept and how it can be applied at a regional level will enable landscapes and communities to absorb disturbance and maintain environmental, social and economic development.
NRM Planning for Resilience will bring together key players currently developing regional plans and policies to support climate change adaptation and sustainable regional development. The conference will also examine the linkages and competing demands across social, economic and environmental drivers.


201 Sussex Street