Problem Solving and Decision Making (1.4 CEUs)

Venue: Global Innovative Campus

Location: Edmonton, AB, Canada

Event Date/Time: Jun 14, 2012 End Date/Time: Jun 15, 2012
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Decision making is a process of choosing among alternative courses of action for the purpose of attaining a goal or goals. This is an important matter for managerial functions. What should be done? When? How? Where? By whom? Do you do it alone? Do you involve others? Do you let others make the decisions? Some people just aren't good at making decisions. Other people can snap to a judgment with almost no information at all. But why? What is it in our minds that help us choose between conflicting options? Is it possible to structure and define some process to be a good decision maker?

Problem Solving and Decision Making are two interchangeable terms. A problem occurs when a system does not meet its established goals, does not yield the predicted results, or does not operate as initially intended.
Early identification of a problem will allow more time to develop a well thought-out solution. It may be less costly to solve a problem and to reduce its impact on other parts when the problem is identified early.

These workshops will give you models for answering the above questions, tools and techniques for accomplishing the task. In addition, it will help you find sustainable solutions to problems, and give you practical techniques for resolving conflicts and making decisions. The workshops are fast-paced and interactive. You will learn through interaction with your fellow participants, case studies, and the opportunity to network with supervisors who face similar challenges.

How You Will Benefit
Define problems clearly to create better solutions
Ensure your decisions are aligned with your business objectives and your organization’s culture
Improve your individual and team creativity in problem solving
Choose the decision-making strategy that best fits the situation
Map out a plan for effective implementation

What We Will Cover
Key steps in problem solving and decision making
Assess problems and challenges
Discover your preferred decision-making style and understand the benefits and limitations
Learn to apply a variety of decision-making strategies
How to identify blinders and acquire techniques to overcome obstacles in decision making
Learn to use creativity to meet challenges effectively
Learn to select and implement the best solution

Who Should Attend
Professionals who want to become effective problem solvers and decision makers. It will enable them to choose their problem-solving approach to fit the given situation, while being time-efficient and selecting the best solution.
Team leaders who want to develop their problem-solving and decision-making skills
Real estate developers who would like to maximize their gain
Consultants and contractors to solve their problems with minimal costs.
People considering a move to management
New and experienced managers who want to enlarge their tool kit
Engineering, operations, and systems personnel who need to develop buy-in to their proposals

Ashraf El-Assaly, PhD, P.Eng.
Dr. El-Assaly has more than 16 years experience in teaching different aspects of project management, economics, construction management, and structural engineering. He has served in academics as a university professor as well as in the industry as a field engineer and a project manager. Dr. El-Assaly participated as a Project Management Team member (PMT) for multi-billion dollar projects for Oil & Gas sector in Alberta. Dr. El-Assaly has authored articles of a variety of journals and conferences. He presents and teaches at the University of Alberta, University of Calgary, the provincial and Federal Government of Canada, and private organizations.

He worked as a senior consultant to Canadian provincial governments and municipalities to develop a management system that will assist decision makers in solving their infrastructures problems. The result is to have a better decision to manage short and long term fund planning to their infrastructures. His work resulted in more than 90 publications and technical papers.
Dr. El-Assaly is a registered Professional Engineer in the provinces of Alberta, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan, and British Columbia in Canada. He is a former president of the AACE Aurora (Association for the Advancement of Cost Engineers).


10810 119 ST NW
Edmonton, AB