Event Date/Time: Aug 02, 2012
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Protect against fatigue related injury

Fatigue can affect a person’s health, reduce performance and productivity, and can increase the chance of a workplace accidents. Evidence suggests that fatigued people are more likely to engage in risktaking behaviour, which even further increases the risk of injury.

Fatigue is a major cause of accidents and the impact on family, friends and communities is very significant.

Occupational Health and Safety, duty of care, chain of responsibility and managing work and rest hours can reduce, incidents, accidents, crash’s, downtime, sick leave and staff turnover significantly. Is worker fatigue a risk for your business? Is it costing you money?

This Masterclass can help you with development of policy and procedures as well as the implementation of your fatigue management program. Don’t put your organisation at risk of incident, attend this event and ensure your employer, employees and the community are protected against fatigue related injury.

Attending this Masterclass is a great opportunity for attendees to gain exposure to a Master’s Level Class – the content is equivalent to that delivered in the Human Factors and Safety Management Systems program at CQU!