ACFCS International Financial Crime Conference & Exhibition (IFCCE 2012)

Venue: New York Sheraton

Location: New York City, New York, United States

Event Date/Time: Sep 13, 2012 End Date/Time: Sep 15, 2012
Registration Date: Sep 13, 2012
Early Registration Date: May 31, 2012
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ACFCS International Financial Crime Conference & Exhibition | September 13-15, 2012

14 Panels That Give You Actionable Knowledge and Practical Skills

1. The crucial counter-financial crime lessons of Scott Rothstein’s megafraud – How a major financial criminal and launderer gamed bank AML controls and paved the way for his victims to make the banks pay big

2. How US agencies use the all-purpose, global-reach money laundering laws in financial crime cases no matter where, how, by and to whom the money flows

3. The USA Patriot Act’s counter-financial crime mandates 11 years later – A no-holds-barred look at their achievements and failures on the 11th anniversary after the landmark 9/11 law

4. How sophisticated technology, including knowledge engines, transaction monitoring, investigative systems and other tools power private and public sector counter-financial crime operations

5. Best practices for creating and maintaining an effective, efficient ‘Unified Financial Crime and Risk Management’ unit in institutions and corporations – ‘Converging’ fraud, AML and corruption

6. Beating financial criminals at their game – Effective use of digital evidence-gathering and technological weapons, including social networking and third-party cyber-sources, to improve counter-financial crime results

7.‘Onboarding‘ and monitoring employees – Best practices and due diligence that financial institutions and companies should follow to keep good ones in and bad ones out before and after handing them the keys

8. FATCA – The new global dragnet (and compliance headache) that smokes out financial criminals and their fronts, and helps private sector and government counter-financial crime efforts succeed

9. Using the 2012 ‘E-Discovery Protocol’ for federal criminal cases effectively– Meeting the challenges of the new rules in FCPA, securities and other financial crime cases

10. Best practices for pursuing private sector and government international counter-financial crime cases – Succeeding in the face of secrecy and privacy laws, corruption and electronic data

11. How institutions, companies and other businesses should manage US ‘global anti-corruption’ (GAC) and UK ‘anti-bribery and corruption’ (ABC) enforcement and ensure compliance

12. Good ‘Legal Order Processing’ that keeps institutions and companies in the ‘witness’ and not the ‘target’ column – How to handle government inquiries, court orders, subpoenas and seizure orders

13. Exploiting and leveraging financial institution and corporate audit and internal testing resources effectively with a unified counter-financial crime strategy

14. Lessons the UK Financial Services Authority’s seminal ‘Financial Crime Guide’ teaches- how financial institutions and companies can improve their counter-financial crime results


811 7th Avenue (and 53rd Street)
New York
United States