Webinar: Lead Your Team to Predictable Success

Venue: Online

Location: Online, United States

Event Date/Time: May 31, 2012 End Date/Time: May 31, 2012
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Lead Your Team to Predictable Success

Date: Thursday, May 31st
Time: 12:00 PM ET
Speaker: Les McKeown

Why do so many teams and groups fail to perform — achieving compromise at best and gridlock at worst?

The Visionary with big ideas and little interest in execution. The Processor who insists on putting every detail through a system, slowing things down. The Operator who just wants to end the meeting and get back to the "real work." These three characters sit at every business meeting, each battling for their competing agendas and together blocking the way to real progress. What does it take to end this gridlock?

In this Soundview Live Webinar, Lead Your Team to Predictable Success, author Les McKeown argues that every successful team includes a critical fourth player — the Synergist — who can take all three: the visionary, the processor and the operator; and knit them together into a dynamic, well-rounded team.

You Will Learn:
*How to recognize the signs of ineffective teamwork.
*How to make the right interventions at pivotal moments.
*What your team needs to succeed.
*How anyone can learn to be an effective Synergist.