The International Conference of Higher Education in the Arab World: Future Horizons (AFAQ)

Venue: IUG-conference hall

Location: GAZA, -

Event Date/Time: Jan 14, 2013 End Date/Time: Jan 18, 2013
Abstract Submission Date: Jun 30, 2012
Paper Submission Date: Aug 31, 2012
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Higher education plays an extremely important role in the development and advancement of nations because it is one of the most important endeavors to bringing about economic, cultural, and social development of communities and countries. Higher education represents one of the most important domains of human resources development. Furthermore, Higher education represents an investment in human cadre, which is considered the most important and finest investment, since the human being is in the ultimate outcome and real wealth of nations, and consequently the cultural development of communities is not only measured by the size of materialistic achievement and financial wealth but also by scientific achievement and knowledge production and the creation of human beings capable of participating in the development of human communities and interacting with all changing situations around them.
For the last three decades, higher education in the Arab World has witnessed steady growth and remarkable expansion. Nonetheless, it still faces limitless challenges and constraints that have contributed to limiting its efficiency, weakening the quality of its outputs, and diminishing the chances of its development.
In the light of the real changes experienced and lived in the Arab World and the hopes that it aspires to, the Academic Affairs of the Islamic University of Gaza - Palestine intends to launch and hold the first conference in Palestine titled: "Future Horizons of higher education in the Arab World."
Conference Objectives:
1. Investigating the current status of higher education in the Arab World and the Arab community's future needs.
2. Promoting authentic scientific and joint research that serve the development in the field of higher education in the Arab World.
3. Creating channels of dialogue between the scientific and research parties concerned with higher education issues in the Arab World.
4. Exchanging successful experiences and expertise offered by Arab researchers, academics, decision makers, and stakeholders in higher education.
5. Attracting talents from outside the Arab world to benefit from their experience in the development of higher education in the Arab World.

Conference Themes:
• enrollment and admission to institutions of higher education
• Globalization and identity
• Arabisation of higher education.
• Information and communication technology in higher education
• Quality in higher education
• University curricula
• Research and graduate studies
• Funding and expenditure on higher education
• Management in higher education institutions
• Partnerships among higher education institutions
• Higher Education and the labor market, and the extent of its meeting the community's needs
• Vocational and technical education
• diversification of higher education institutions (research, applied, special, ..)
• Arab investment in the knowledge economy
• Higher education and sustainability
• Comparison of Higher education in the Arab World and the Western World


Palestine-Gaza Strip