The iMarketing Genius Conference – by Raymond Aaron – London, UK

Venue: London

Location: London, United Kingdom

Event Date/Time: Jun 11, 2012 End Date/Time: Jun 12, 2012
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When you hear names like Sir Richard Branson,Steve Jobs, Oprah or Donald Trump, almost immediately images of wealth, accomplishment and success come to mind.
That’s the power of a brand.
A brand transforms a simple name into an icon.
Imagine if your business had that kind of attention and recognition.
Think how your business would be different if you could tap into that power.
Revenue and profits would increase. Sales would come easily, almost naturally. Customer would be attracted to you like moth to a flame.
Of course we all can’t have the popularity of Apple or Oprah…
We can, however, capture the attention of the PERFECT audience for our products and services, and…
Make More Money With Less Effort As An iMarketing Genius!
That’s what the iMarketing Genius Conference is all about. Turning you into a Branding, Marketing and Internet machine.
Take your business to the next level using the very same strategies that took goliath companies from their humbled beginnings into household names worth billions.
• Steve Jobs started Apple along side Steve Wozinak from a small garage in Los Altos, CA and forever changed the world.
• Oprah started as a local news anchor and is now one of the world’s most powerful media moguls.
• started from a simple idea written on a cocktail napkin.
• You get the point…
What I’m getting at is, it all starts with a dream and the desire. And now you have the ultimate advantage by joining us FREE at…
The iMarketing Genius Conference
You’ll discover the secrets to…
• Building a business around a lasting brand that stays on top of your customers minds.
• Simple marketing strategies that can add an additional ZERO to your bottom line.
• Internet strategies for maximum exposure.
At the FREE marketing Conference you’ll learn from…
• LEADERS in business and branding masters.
• Experts who are called upon by the world’s top companies to create and manage million dollar marketing campaigns.
• Internet industry insiders who have worked behind the scenes for the Internet’s largest companies as they share never revealed before secrets to dominating the online world.
(These industry insiders come from companies that include Facebook, Apple, Google and Microsoft. I can’t reveal their identities in this letter because of strict confidentiality requirements, but I can assure you that at the iMarketing Genius Conference you’ll hear information that you can’t get anywhere else!)
You’ll be surrounded by branding and marketing geniuses who will propel your business to the next level.
• Be seen as the instant authority in your niche or industry.
• Be the #1 trust source for whatever your have to offer.
• Reach wider audiences easier, cheaper and faster.
• Get your product, service, or offer to market without stress or frustration.
• Tap into hungry audiences of potential customers and clients already searching for what you have.
At the iMarketing Genius Conference you’ll be given everything you need in your branding and marketing arsenal to start, build and expand your business at lightening speeds.
Get results fasters, increase your income, become a force in your industry.
Using the tools and knowledge you gain from the marketing Genius Conference you’ll go from where you are now – even if it’s ground zero – to where you want to be in your business and income.
The strategies are simple, you just have to apply them. We’ll show you how!
Here’s a closer look at some of the topic’s we will discuss at the iMarketing Genius Conference:
• Why everything you THINK you know about branding is wrong! (HINT: it’s not about WHAT you say… and it’s not even about HOW you say it… HERE you will find out what “branding” really is!)
• How to set yourself apart from the competition.
• Creating instant authority status even if your new to a market.
• The power of a USP and how to build one for your business.
• The WOW experience.
• Dominating Social Media – the easy way.
• Reinforcing and protecting your brand.
• How to control the first page of Google searches in your marketplace.
• Using simple VIDEO in your marketing for extraordinary results.
• The exact methods one company used to make their brand worth over $193,000,000,000.
• The distinctly different levels of branding – and why not knowing them can ruin your business.
• How any business can get free advertising, more profitability and enhanced credibility… with minimal effort.
• Build a professional looking website with no technical experience needed.
• How to discover what people are searching for online and use that to target your future customers.
You’ll also learn:
• Using persuasive advertising for your website that generates sales for you 24/7.
• Creating your ultimate online business plan, from start to finish.
• How to make your clients your greatest advocates – and this is NOT what you might think it is!
• The one way to NEVER be indistinguishable or irrelevant to your target market again.
• How to stop begging clients for business… and start having them beg YOU for your products and services.
• How to develop an irresistible personality online – that will make your prospects want to do business with you.
• How a blog can be the foundation of your online presence (even if you sell mousetraps).
• Build a list of thousands of subscribers to your email list, ready and waiting for every message you send.
• Use automated email marketing to make money just by pressing the send button!
• The secrets to outsourcing all of your work for less than $4 per hour.
• How to FOCUS your time and efforts for Maximum return. Avoid the distractions and only spend time where it matters most to make you more money.
• And much more!
As you can see we have a lot to cover in just the few days we have together.
This isn’t a sell-a-thon, it’s an intense learning experience with real industry experts devoted to teaching you exactly how to take your business and income to the next level.
Why is this event free?
Normally we would charge around $500 for an event like this. And that’s a VERY small price to pay considering our speakers charge at least that amount for an hour of personal coaching.
However, we’re looking for projects and partners to do business with across North America. That said we’re holding these events to train and vet potential business associates.
We’re also very serious about expanding our network of savvy business owners to do business with in the future.
It’s a win-win. If you’re serious about starting, building and growing your business this is the place for you.
What do you get when you register?
When you register for The iMarketing
Genius Conference you get…
• FREE admission to the event at the location of your choice. (In Los Angeles, CA – New York City, NY – Toronto, ON Canada – or Chicago, IL)
• Live Interactive Q/A with the all presenters and speakers.
• Picture opportunities with our guest speakers to use in your marketing and branding.
• Any event related materials.
• A FREE copy of the new best-selling Richard Branson book when you attend.
See Yourself as an iMarketing Genius!
Imagine yourself as a master of branding and internet marketing, being able to dominate your industry as the respected authority.
Get more business, easier, faster, with less effort and greater rewards.
Think what just ONE of the strategies we share with you will do for your business…
The WORST thing that could happen is you show up for the event, unhappy with the FREE training and still get a copy of the new best-selling Richard Branson book as our gift for your time.
The BEST thing that could happen is you take what we share with you and EXPLODE your income in 2012 after apply the strategies we teach you to start, build or expand your business.
You’re learning from REAL people with PROVEN track records of success in business and marketing on the Internet.
This is a FREE event… you just need to register before seats are full .
It’s better that YOU know this stuff, before your competitors do.
Register now. Select the city and dates that work best for you. Seating is limited. (only 100 MAX attendees per event)