Horizons of Quantum Physics: from Foundations to Quantum-Enabled Technologies (QuantumHorizons)

Venue: Taipei City

Location: Taipei City, Taiwan

Event Date/Time: Oct 14, 2012 End Date/Time: Oct 18, 2012
Registration Date: Oct 01, 2012
Early Registration Date: Sep 01, 2012
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From its very early years, Quantum Physics has puzzled the minds of human beings. Echoes of harsh debates among founding fathers, from Einstein and Bohr, Schrödinger, to Dirac and Heisenberg are still inspiring discussions today.

With time passing, the strength of the explanatory power of Quantum Theory has manifested in any sector of theoretical or applied physics, in chemistry, even in biology, opening windows on possibilities otherwise simply unthinkable.

It has also inspired an unprecedented growth in a world market of devices that since the late ‘60s to today relies heavily on working principles based on quantum effects (microprocessors, lasers, special glasses, DVD, computers,...), many of which have been the fortune of IT industry and especially Taiwanese society.

Nevertheless, the debate on the logical and physical foundations of Quantum Theory has never faded: pillar concepts like entropy, information, space-time, gravity, wave function collapse, entanglement, and holography have still seen in recent years relentless discussions on their deep meaning and their intertwining.
Foundational, abstract questions find today the most concrete answers and a new impulse with the very possibility to design and build quantum devices.

In particular the last two decades have witnessed the appearance of Quantum Information as a Science, and the promise to revolutionize how we handle information.
Recently a fortunate convergence of technologies and experimental techniques has made building quantum computers and quantum simulators a very real possibility. These quantum devices will not only allow us to perform tasks not amenable to classical computers, but also enable to probe more deeply into the quantum world, opening up perspectives and pathways into the understanding of foundations of modern physics.

Our workshop sits at the crossroads of cutting edge Theoretical Quantum Physics, Experimental Quantum Information Processing and Industrial Research. Its scope is to create a top level environment for discussion and confrontation where a common language between theorists, experimentalists an technologists might start to develop, with the ultimate goal to explore and enable the fascinating knowledge that will shape the world of tomorrow.

Our Keynote speakers include masters of modern physics like Jacob Bekenstein, Gerard t'Hooft, Hagen Kleinert, William Unruh and Anton Zeilinger. Together with the rest of our invited lecturers, they will guide the participants through the most fascinating discoveries and implications born from the synergy between top-level theoretical and experimental research in modern physics, as well as industrial research from Hewlett Packard, which is co-organizer and main sponsor of the event.

Our workshop is open to scholars and researchers from all over the world.
Participants are invited and encouraged to present their own work and results through posters, as well as discuss their opinions with our speakers during open-discussion panel sessions.


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