IEEE International Symposium on Mobile Cloud, Computing and Service Engineering (MobileCloud2013)

Venue: Hotel Sofitel, San Francisco Bay

Location: Redwood, California, United States

Event Date/Time: Mar 25, 2013 End Date/Time: Mar 28, 2013
Registration Date: Jan 15, 2013
Abstract Submission Date: Oct 15, 2013
Paper Submission Date: Oct 15, 2013
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Today's fast advance of mobile computing and cloud computing is bring a new paradigm shift from conventional mobile computing and wireless communications services to mobile cloud computing and services over wireless internet in the real world. Many people believe that mobile cloud computing will not only completely change the current way of delivering mobile computing and communication services to global mobile users, but also alter their working and life styles with seamless global mobile resource sharing and accesses.

In current mobile computing and wireless services, mobile users commonly use mobile devices with limited computing power and resources to receive regional wireless communication services and limited data services, plus some access to selected mobile applications.Unlike mobile computing, mobile cloud computing leverages emergent cloud infrastructures and resources to deliver innovative mobile cloud infrastructures, platforms, and software-as-as-services, as well as mobile enabled applications services to global mobile device users at any-time and anywhere. It allows mobile users to use low-end mobile devices to access diverse and scalable cloud computing resources (such as IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, and DaaS) and globally connected mobile enabled resources (such as, devices, tags/barcodes/sensors, and wireless networks) to receive unlimited mobile application services.

Clearly mobile cloud computing will provide many exciting new opportunities and enable innovative applications to mobile users, mobile cloud vendors, and businesses. It definitely will bring new computing models and infrastructures to build and delivery mobile services on mobile devices, and change the current ways on how to delivery mobile enabled computing resources, applications, and services to mobile users.Meanwhile, it will impact the ways on how to deliver, store, retrieve, process, and share mobile data and resource on mobile devices for business and private settings. These changes and impacts put forward new research issues and topics for both academic and industry communities.

Scope and Vision:

This symposium will provide a great platform to allow researchers and professionals in the industry to exchange their latest research results and development activities on mobile cloud computing and services. The primary objective is to share research ideas and results, emergent industry technologies on the latest advances in mobile cloud computing and services, and mobile computing and applications.

During two days, the symposium will host a number of invited speakers who will give tutorials and research talks related to security issues in mobile computing and cloud computing.

Symposium Tracks:

This symposium seeks to bring together researchers and practitioners interested in all aspects of mobile cloud computing, engineering, and service, including but not limited to:

Research Tracks on Mobile Cloud Computing and Services:

(a) Mobile Cloud Computing

Mobile cloud computing models, infrastructures, and approaches.

Green computing and networking, and energy saving analysis and decision solutions

Resource management, provision, and migration

Transmission protocols and scheduling algorithms

Security and privacy issues, solutions, and tools for mobile clouds, mobile SaaS, and wireless networks.

Mobility modeling, management solutions and measurement techniques

Mobile-aware cloud databases , data retrievals,

Mobile-aware networking, protocols, and infrastructures

Mobile multimedia content delivery,transferring, and migration

Different types of mobile clouds, including community, private, public, and ad-hoc mobile clouds.

(b) Mobile Cloud Services and Applications

Mobile software-as-a-service (MSaaS)

Mobile Data-as-a-Service (MDaaS)

Mobile Platform-as-a-Service (MPaaS)

Mobile Infrastructure-as-a-Service (MIaaS)

Mobile Network-as-a-Service(MNaaS)

Mobile-based Testing-as-a-Service (MTaaS)

Mobile Multimedia Services and applications

Mobile Society Media and Community Services

Mobile Clouds for E-Commerce Services

Location-based mobile cloud applications and services

(c) Engineering Mobile Clouds and Mobile-Based Systems

Innovative infrastructures, architectures, and middle-wares

Modeling, analysis, and design methodologies and tools for building mobile clouds and MSaaS

Collaboration, management, and administration of mobile clouds and services

Monitoring solutions and evaluation techniques for mobile clouds and MSaaS

Mobile testing tools and on-demand validation techniques for mobile clouds and mobile-based applications

Quality of service on mobile clouds and applications, including reliability, availability, scalability, performance, and load balance.

Mobile connectivity and protocols between mobile SaaS and mobile clouds

Knowledge engineering and data mining techniques and systems on clouds

Mobile device, storage, and wireless network virtualization

Enabled Technology Track on Mobile Computing, Mobile Clouds, and Pervasive Computing:

Energy-saving wireless communication technologies

Novel mobile-ware database technologies

Innovative mobile platforms(or OS) and client technologies for mobile cloud computing

Urban sensing and crowd-sensing, and smart sensor networks

Emergent barcode/Tag/RFID/NFC-based mobile technologies

Mobile cloud data center and storage technology

Augmenting pervasive environments

Application Track on Mobile Computing and Mobile Cloud Services:

Next generation mobile application enabled by the cloud

Cloud-based mobile media systems and social networks

Novel mobile cloud systems and wireless-based applications in e-health, e-learning, e- banking, e-manufacturing, supply-chain, and e-government

Smart mobile computing SaaS on clouds

Mobile context-aware services and computing for clouds

Cloud-based mobile commerce applications and systems (mobile and pervasive advertising, mobile payment, and product delivery and validation)

Location-aware mobile applications on clouds

Cloud-based mobile app. store and environments

Reviews, Survey Papers, and Experience Reports:

State-of-the-art survey reports on the existing mobile cloud and mobile computing technologies

Comparison and analysis of emergent cloud enabled mobile technologies

Research reviews on engineering topics for mobile computing and mobile cloud services

Industry reports on experience and lessons

Research case study and experimental reports

Important Dates:

Submission Deadline: 10/15/2012

Review Notification: 12/31/2012

Camera Ready and registration Deadline: 01/15/2013

Conference Date: (03/25-28/2013)

3/25/2013 -- Workshop and Tutorial Day

3/26/2013 - 3/28/2013 -- Conference Day