Biomarkers in Drug Discovery & Development

Venue: Berlin

Location: Berlin, Germany

Event Date/Time: Jun 11, 2012
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With the increase of biomarkers application since the beginning of the 21st century, we are now not only seeing a great potential in improving the efficiency and safety of drug development, but we are also coming across some barriers which may slow these processes down.

To answer the challenges connected with utilization of biomarkers, we bring together the pharmaceutical minds along with representatives from academia, research institutions and non-profit organizations.

Two focused conference days offer case studies exploiting the best practices in accelerating the identification of biomarkers, cutting the costs of attrition of compounds, reducing the size, cost and duration of clinical trials as well as the possibility of adverse events.

Exploit the latest technologies for biomarker identification

Understand how to discover robust biomarkers for pharmacodynamic and predictive purposes

Gain knowledge about biomarkers utilisation for breast cancer therapy decisions in clinical trials

Learn about contribution of imaging to decision-making in drug

Hear case studies about successful application of biomarkers in various therapeutic areas – moving towards a personalized medicine approach
Senior Vice Presidents, Chief Scientific Officers, Vice Presidents, Heads, Directors, Scientists, Researchers, Investigators, Professors in:
Biomarkers, Clinical Research, Drug Discovery and Development, Translational Research/ Science/ Imaging, Molecular Imaging, Experimental Medicine, Clinical Pharmacology, Molecular Toxicology, “Omics” Programmes, Clinical Discovery Technologies, Diagnostics, Biomarker Strategy, Assay Development, Pathway Analysis, Regulatory Affairs, etc.