Asian Perspectives on Transforming Societies through Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship (ELLTA 2012)

Venue: University Utara Malaysia

Location: Kedah, Malaysia

Event Date/Time: Dec 11, 2012 End Date/Time: Dec 13, 2012
Registration Date: Nov 30, 2012
Early Registration Date: Oct 30, 2012
Abstract Submission Date: Sep 15, 2012
Paper Submission Date: Nov 10, 2012
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ELLTA, which stands for Exploring Leadership and Learning Theories in Asia, invites contributions to highlight Asian perspectives on Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Given the enormity and diversity of challenges facing the world at large, and Asia, in particular, the transformation of societies requires creative and innovative responses, and individual and collective entrepreneurship. ‘Creativity, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship’- as expressions and embodiments of Leadership and Learning – are, thus, the key catalysts for social transformations in the contemporary Knowledge Era. This realization and recognition is on the rise: For instance, India declares 2010-2020 as India's ‘Decade of Innovation’; Malaysia celebrates the Year 2010 as the Year of Innovation.

The ELLTA Conference 2012 is an extremely important undertaking, not only because of its emphasis on showcasing and knowledge sharing of creativity, innovation and entrepreneurial efforts and initiatives, but, more significantly, because it brings in the Asian Perspectives on the current theme.

The majority of the theories (e.g. theories on ‘leadership’, ‘learning’, etc.), though claiming to have global application, in effect, originates in different parts of the Western world. This raises an important concern: Is it wise to assume that all these theories are universal in nature and could equally be applied to all contexts? ELLTA is an initiative that challenges the hegemony of West-inspired theories and their basic assumptions. The first academic conference, Exploring Leadership and Learning Theories in Asia Conference 2011, has made a valuable contribution in addressing this concern, and in highlighting understandings on Asian perspectives on leadership and learning.

ELLTA 2012 further extends this agenda and takes up, as its theme, the Asian Perspectives on Transforming Societies through Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

The ELLTA 2012 brings together the world’s thought leaders, concerned scholars and academicians, social and business entrepreneurs, researchers, innovators, creative and concerned citizens of the world, social change agents, and passionate practitioners – to share breakthrough innovation initiatives or ideas , and to develop meaningful insights on Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, that brings Asia in Perspective. Thus, the deeper academic questions that the Conference addresses are:

Are the west-inspired theories on Creativity, Innovation & Entrepreneurship relevant for Asia, in general, and different contexts in Asia in particular?
Is there a need to develop theories specific for Asia in general and different contexts in Asia in particular?
Are there existing theories of/on Creativity, Innovation & Entrepreneurship with an Asian origin, which have not received much attention or have not been acknowledged so far?What are the current theories and practices available on Creativity, Innovation & Entrepreneurship in Asia, in general, and different contexts in Asia in particular?
What are the roles of the education systems, education institutions, educational leaders in the leadership for learning regarding Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship?

The Conference engages a wide range of individuals and organizations, working in diverse fields, e.g. Science and Technology, Business and Economics, Social Sciences, Philosophy, Development and Sustainable Development Studies, Education, etcetera.

Therefore, contributions are invited on, but not limited to, the following sub-themes:

Showcasing innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship (specific, real-world applications)
Innovation networks, National Innovation Systems
Entrepreneurship and Social Transformation
Entrepreneurship, innovation and knowledge economies
Innovating for Transformation
Drivers of the transformation and Sustainable Development (social, cultural, environmental)
Learning Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Educating for Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Educational Leadership for Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Societal transformation and role of social media
Business, Entrepreneurship, & Society in Emerging Markets
Sustainable Technologies
Innovation Management
Grassroots Innovations
Green Innovations
Entrepreneurship and small- and medium-sized firms
The Curriculum of Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Indigenous Perspectives of Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and,
Others …

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University Utara Malaysia, Malaysia