Managing Global Talent - Webinar By TrainHR

Venue: Wilmington

Location: Wilmington, Delaware, United States

Event Date/Time: Jul 31, 2012 End Date/Time: Jul 31, 2012
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Overview : Recently published surveys conducted by PricewaterhouseCooper and the Economist and SHRM have provided insights into C Suite thoughts about talent acquisition and retention. They indicate that it will be the most compelling concern of the future. Coupled with the changing dynamics of the economy and of the demographic trends driving globalization, this creates the most compelling of situations and complex considerations. What does the future hold for our business and how do we get there? Who are those people in our ranks who will be critical drivers of our success? How do we attract more talent where we have gaps or how do we train and develop existing talent to cover or fill gaps.

The session will provide attendees with a process for assessing the organizational needs of the future and the talent at hand as well as methodology for bridging the gaps between future needs and current realities. It is understood that turnover is costly and can impede progress toward building a sustainable business model and entity. With the complexity of cross cultures, diversity and human nature affecting the needs and wants of employees, maintaining a strategic management perspective is a challenge. Establishing a strong vision for the future that can be translated into a talent management strategy is key in meeting both the business and personal needs of the organization and the employees. It becomes the over-arching challenge for HR and Business Leadership.

The uncertainty of the global economic environment begs for strong internal measures to insure company viability and sustainability. The challenges presented by the migration of talent and the growth of the emerging markets as well as the impacts of demographic trends set the stage for dramatic shifts in talent acquisition and management. It is an established fact that part of the value of an organization is the leadership, depth of leadership and their ability to strategize and lead the organization into a sustainable future. This can not happen unless organizations are adequately prepared to manage and support their "talent" and to help them grow personally and professionally along with the company.

Key in this is the retention of company knowledge and history because these things translate into company culture as well as effectiveness and efficiency. However, a winning Talent Strategy can be easily written and said but is very difficult and complex to build and sustain. Like a rubix cube, changes and dynamic events in one place, shift the alignment on other sides of the cube and require simultaneous attention in order to realign and maintain. This means that nothing in this space can be static, but must maintain flexibility and independence to be able to respond to the dynamics of the environment. The shifts the business markets as well as the availability of expanded global talent pools are exciting as well as daunting. HR stepping up to the plate with policies and practices that provide the framework and support to enable C-Suite and other management level leaders to be able to address the talent development, attraction and retention efforts.

The purpose of the 90 minute program is to be able to offer a roadmap for the professionals working to manage global talent that will lead them to the successful implementation of programs and policies that will support their business efforts.

Areas Covered In the Session:
Analysis of the current environment
Gap analysis
What is Talent?
Tools to attract and retain
Meeting the expectations of the C Suite
Translating strategy into practical application and practice
How talent management impacts sustainability

Who will benefit:
Team Leaders
HR staff
Senior Management
Business Leaders


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