How to Stay Focused in Age of Distraction - Webinar By TrainHR

Venue: Online Training

Location: Wilmington, Delaware, United States

Event Date/Time: Jul 24, 2012 End Date/Time: Jul 24, 2012
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Overview : We will introduce a list of characteristics that are conducive for thinking creatively and taking an “out of the box” approach to solving problems big and small.

Learn the characteristics of an out-of-the-box thinker.
Develop awareness and create greater recall.
Discover how "fluency" can allow you to generate more ideas.
Learn what it means to be productively skeptical.

Why should you attend : This program is recommended to anyone who wants to stay focused in an age of distraction by applying creativity, optimism and self-control. Participants will become proactive by learning how to acquire a reputation as a problem-solver.
Discover how will-power can strengthen preparation skills.
Learn to reduce trivial distractions.
Invest time in reflection.
Eliminate excuses for a closed mind.

Areas Covered in the Session
The Elements of Well Being
Tie in positive emotions with meaning
Utilize constraints, a.k.a., doing more with less.
Signature Strengths
Use strength for invigoration instead of exhaustion
Create new ways to employ your best attributes.
How to Stay Focused in Age of Distraction
Design your world with an eye toward changing it
‘Jump fences’ – no closed minds allowed.
Bedrock of Thinking
Carve out time to let your ideas marinate
Build top-to-bottom focus around your mission.
Think Outside the Box
Solve problems by thinking with fluency
Discover a new definition of 'failure'.
Widen Your Scope
Work out team conflict to get to the next level
Learn how to be grateful along the journey.

Who Will Benefit:
Human Resources


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