Free Tele-Class. Learn Body Talk 101 – How to Listen to Your Body

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Event Date/Time: Jul 17, 2012 End Date/Time: Jul 17, 2012
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Free Tele-Class. Learn Body Talk 101 – How to Listen to Your Body
This free tele-class will be held on Tuesday, July 17th from 7pm to 8pm, EST.

Listen…can you hear that? It’s barely a whisper but I think that’s your body trying to tell you something.
Ever have that “feeling” that something is not as it should be?
That something just doesn’t seem right?
Have you ever taken the time to listen to that little voice that’s whispering to you? It’s there for a reason you know.
Our bodies were created to sense things more quickly than our conscious brain can recognize; fight or flight, instant reactions. Those are things that we do without thinking. 9 times out of 10, that instantaneous urge is right and should be followed.
But how to you get in tune with what that whispering little voice is saying to you?

Learn Body Talk 101…..A FREE Interactive Teleclass.

Stephanie Wood’s Body Knowledge System® gives you a framework for making choices that match you with your needs. With this information, you will live more fully and move more easily in all areas of your life. Taking care of yourself gets easier, because you have learned how to converse with your Body instead of forcing him/her into an idea of what you 'think' you should be doing.

Body Knowledge System® A System for Living – Do it your Way ®

Isn't it time to talk and listen to your body?
Find out how. Register Free today!