Event Date/Time: Sep 05, 2012 End Date/Time: Sep 06, 2012
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Lyophilisation continues to maintain a dominant position among the preservation techniques for various biopharmaceuticals. Currently over 50% of medicinal products must be freeze-dried due to their instability in the liquid state. Recent estimates of the market value of the sector suggest it is worth over $1.99bn, and constant introduction of new biologic drugs will drive further demand for lyophilisation services and technologies.

Advantages of freeze-drying are long recognized; it is clear the process plays a crucial role in making the majority of vaccines, proteins, small-chemical drugs and other injectable therapeutics available on the market. Lyophilised products are distinguished by their homogeneity, higher stability, and drastically reduced weight. Easier transportation, preserved biological activity after reconstitution, and greater shelf life of the drugs are the factors that have shaped the commercial success of the sector.

However, optimisation of the process remains critical to the competitiveness of the sector. Reduction of the drying cycle time and determining the best parameters for the freeze-drying formulations are the key challenges for the industry. This visiongain’s conference will address the under-met needs of lyophilised products and will discuss how emerging alternative technologies may pose a threat to the sector if the issues remain unresolved.

By attending this conference you will:
- Learn how to optimise lyophilisation cycle development by applying process analytical technologies (PAT)
- Discover how to achieve lyophilised products integrity/homogeneity
- Improve maximum stability of the to-be-lyophilised solution through optimised formulation
- Understand what lyophilisation process to select to achieve maximum drying efficiency while maintaining product integrity
- Implement TDLAS to improve the quality of the lyophilisation processes and scale-up.
- Investigate the best QbD practices to ensure final product meets the highest quality criteria.
- Compare various emerging drying technologies (spray drying)
- Stay ahead by meeting the most authoritative industry representatives
- Find out about the latest technological developments from the leading manufacturers


Central Street, Clerkenwell, EC1V 8DS
United Kingdom

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Who should attend? Presidents, Chief Executive Officers, Vice Presidents, Chief Scientific Officers, Directors, Business Development Managers, and Principal Scientists of: - Freeze drying technology - Vaccine/antibody/cell manufacturing - Bioprocess research and development - Chemical Engineering - Process implementation and process engineering - Stability testing - Sterile production - Quality assurance and quality control - Standardisation science - Drug formulation - Active pharmaceutical ingredients - Pharmaceutical production - Manufacturing and engineering - Licensing - Product development - Outsourcing/contract manufacturing - Dried technology - Packaging and labelling - Pilot plant operations - Regulatory bodies