Event Date/Time: Sep 13, 2012 End Date/Time: Oct 26, 2012
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The Business Essentials for Technical Professionals course will be delivered by NC State University Poole Collee's Executive Programs in fall 2012. Delivery dates are Sept. 13, 14 and Oct. 25, 26, 2012.

This four-day course is designed for engineers, scientists, and others from applied technical fields who want to gain a deeper understanding of business.

“A key goal of the program is to enable participants to become ‘Boundary-Spanners’ – technical leaders who have the general management awareness to work effectively across functional areas within their organization,” said Dan McGurrin, Poole College’s Executive Programs director.

“Today’s successful organizations need technical professionals who understand how their work intersects with marketing, finance, operations, strategy, and services,” McGurrin said. “This course will help participants understand the different functions, how they sometimes conflict with one another, and how management systems can streamline these activities.”

In keeping with Poole College’s focus on applied learning, Business Essentials participants also will work in small teams to complete a business planning project – either for a new product offering at their company or in support of a peer’s project.

“This experience not only develops teamwork skills, but also enables the students to develop and plan the business aspects of a new offering, including the marketing plan and strategy, while utilizing concepts taught in the course,” McGurrin said.

View details, including key objectives, expected outcomes, and registration information at poole.ncsu.edu/executive.


Additional Information

Cost for this 4-day professional development workshop is $3,400 per person.