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Venue: Online Training

Location: Wilmington, Delaware, United States

Event Date/Time: Aug 14, 2012 End Date/Time: Aug 14, 2012
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Overview : In order for you to become an effective presenter, you must first learn to:

Instantly capture attention with great openers that get the audience on your side.
Build a powerful and convincing presentation that leads your listeners to the inescapable conclusion that your recommendation is the best.
Analyze the needs and agenda of each audience member in advance, so that you can be sure to cover every benefit and possible objection.
Enhance your credibility with speaking techniques, posture and phrases that establish you as an authority.
Use creative approaches such as “mind maps” and brainstorming to add punch and pizzazz to your speech.
Dramatize your points with simple visual aids and verbal pictures that make even the dullest statistics come alive.
Minimize risk of presentation foul-ups by anticipating every conceivable problem beforehand.

Why should you attend : This program is recommended for anyone who needs to give presentations, speak in front of groups, or sell ideas to others and has little or no presentation experience.

Participants will gain the specific skills and direction they need to become comfortable with their own presentation style. You will receive expert advice on how to handle especially challenging situations. Most importantly, you’ll learn how to present by presenting.

It’s important to know that most business presentations are given in an informal setting before small groups of people. With that in mind, you must instantly capture and make an impact on your audience so that they will listen to what you have to say. If people aren’t listening, it is on you to communicate better.

Here’s how you’ll benefit:
Learn to tailor your presentation to your specific audience.
Learn to project your voice and use pauses and other rhetorical flourishes to dramatize your point.
Develop methods to expertly handle different questions and situations.
Communicate with clarity and conviction.

Areas Covered in the Session
The importance of voice. Improve and project voice quality so that your audience listens with rapt attention.
Breathing control techniques.
Practice non-verbal impact skills to reduce nervousness and engage the attention of your listeners.
Learn the 5 Levels of Presentation:
Pre-design: Planning Your Approach
Design: Shaping Your Ideas
Using Visual Aids & Supporting Materials
How to Deliver Your Presentation
Handling Questions from the Audience

Who Will Benefit:
Human Resources
Business Leaders

Mary Kay Slowikowski is an internationally known speaker and the first female speaker to appear nationally in her own Emmy-nominated PBS special.

She is a master storyteller and veteran of business who uses personal stories and proven techniques to teach and inspire.

A former victim of crippling panic attacks and agoraphobia, Mary Kay was once unable to leave her home – now she speaks in front of thousands.

Mary Kay started her own business with her husband and has trained and spoken to countless Fortune 500 companies like Kraft, McDonald’s, Sprint, Pepsico and DuPont as well as dozens of Women's groups, Education groups, Health Care Systems, Direct Selling Companies and Government Agencies.

Mary Kay is a Marketing Strategist who helps organizations design and develop consulting interventions. She is an expert in delivering human resource training and customer service applications.

Mary Kay has been listed in Who’s Who of American Women, for the last 15 years. She is also the author of the Future Woman and Managing Multiple Priorities seminars which have over 50,000 graduates.

Mary Kay’s ability to touch and teach audiences in a unique way is remarkable. Mary Kay doesn't come out of a book, she comes out of life.


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