Talent Management Trends and Leading Edge Practices - Webinar By TrainHR

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Location: Wilmington, Delaware, United States

Event Date/Time: Aug 01, 2012 End Date/Time: Aug 01, 2012
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Overview : A recent survey revealed that talent management was the number one business area in which CEO's expect the most change. Although you might be initially excited about these higher expectations, you must ask yourself if you are prepared to make significant improvements in the results produced by your talent management function.

As part of your planning for the future, a first step is to identify the trends in talent management. And because anything new that you try in talent management probably will have to work the first time, you also need to know the best practices that advanced firms have already been successfully implemented. This webinar is designed to provide you with both the trends and the most exciting and compelling leading edge practices.

Talent management functions and practices that will be covered during the webinar include development, leadership, talent acquisition, retention, workforce planning and performance management .Some of the stimulating topics under these functions that will be covered include: accelerated leadership development, virtual project rotations, increasing learning speed, informal learning, increasing collaboration through workplace design, approaches for increasing innovation and the use of social media in learning, recruiting and best practice sharing. The webinar will cover the best practices of powerhouse firms like Apple, Google, Zappos and Facebook that have taken a completely unique approach to talent management.

The webinar will also show you how work itself and the expectations of employees are changing around the world. We will also explore remote work, how to manage it and its impact on productivity and innovation. And because of the success of serial innovation firms like Apple, the webinar will cover how they and other firms attract, retain and get the most out of their innovators and game changers. And because metrics and analytics are also such a critical part of every business function, the webinar will cover the best ways to measure and report your success in talent management.

Because webinar leader Dr. Sullivan excels at identifying leading edge practices, throughout the webinar he will expose you to the "next practices" that, although may seem extreme now, will likely become standard practices in a few years. Because this will be an interactive webinar, your questions will be accepted and answered throughout.

Why should you attend : If your executives are screaming for improved results, more innovation, more agility and more speed, it won't be long before they come to talent management leaders for help. In fact, a recent survey showed that talent management was the area where CEO's expect the most change in all business functions. If you're facing increased expectations from young prospects, you know that simply changing isn't enough. You must change in the right direction. That means you have to become knowledgeable in the latest trends, strategies and best practices in talent management. Unlike in the past, these trends reveal that some firms are making radical changes in the way that they manage their talent. Some firms are so advanced in their approaches that you can simply never catch up if you start from scratch. And with limited budget resources, you will have to get it right the first time. As a result a smarter approach is to find out what's working and then to modify and adapt those approaches to your firm. And as the economy improves, there will be even more pressure to improve your talent management practices in a tight labor market where both recruiting and retention will be difficult. So now is the ideal time to begin your planning.

Areas Covered in the Session
A brief introduction into what is talent management
Understanding the upcoming changes in work and the workforce
Making the business case for talent management funding
The upcoming Talent Management trends that you need to prepare for
Examples of the leading edge best practices in each talent management area
Action steps that talent management leaders should take
Who Will Benefit:
Chief talent officers
The VP of HR
Director of HR
Talent management and HR strategists
Directors of recruiting and talent acquisition
Directors of development and learning
Directors of leadership development
Directors of talent management
Generalists and HR professionals involved in talent management
Talent management consultants

Dr John Sullivan is a well-known global talent management thought leader and guru. For years he has accurately predicted HR and talent management trends. He is an internationally known HR thought-leader from the Silicon Valley who specializes in providing bold and high business impact strategic solutions. He’s a prolific author with over 900 articles and 10 books covering all of Talent Management. He is an engaging corporate speaker who has excited audiences at over 250 corporations / organizations in 30 countries on all 6 continents. His ideas have appeared in every major business source including the Wall Street Journal, Fortune, BusinessWeek, Fast Company, CFO, Inc., NY Times, SmartMoney, USA Today, HBR and the Financial Times. He has been interviewed on CNN and the CBS and ABC nightly news. Fast Company called him the "Michael Jordan of Hiring". He served as Chief Talent Officer for Agilent Technologies (the HP spin-off). He is currently a Professor of Management at San Francisco State and CEO of DJS and Associates consulting. His articles can be found on his popular website www.drjohnsullivan.com and on www.ERE.Net


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