Event Date/Time: Oct 17, 2012 End Date/Time: Oct 19, 2012
Early Registration Date: Sep 28, 2012
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Over the past decade, adult student enrollment increased 43 percent, with another 23 percent increase expected by 2019. However, few institutions that offer on-campus or blended instruction provide the services and programs adult students need to successfully complete their degrees. Institutions must adjust their operational services, academic support services, and academic programs and policies to best meet the needs of the growing adult student population.

Join us in San Diego to learn how you can increase your adult student enrollment and retention by offering on-campus services and programs specifically for adult learners.

This conference will give you specific ideas and action items to improve your institution's services and support for adult learners. Our expert faculty will focus on how to coordinate and implement change in four essential areas:

* Campus operations: developing an adult-friendly customer-service approach
* Academic programs: redesigning course delivery and academic policies; accelerated programs; re-entry programs; and prior learning credit
* Academic support: providing student support targeted to adult learners' unique needs
* Student affairs: engaging adult students in campus life

This conference focuses on strategies aimed at better serving adult or non-traditional students. Here’s how we’re defining non-traditional students:

* Delays enrollment (does not enroll in postsecondary education in the same year that he/she finished high school)
* Attends part time for at least part of the academic year
* Works full time while enrolled
* Is considered financially independent
* Has dependents other than a spouse
* Is a single parent
* Does not have a high school diploma (has GED or other similar certificate)


We recognize that few campuses have dedicated staff specifically for adult student support and retention. Therefore, we've designed this event for both teams and individuals who work with adult students and who can serve as advocates when they return to campus.

This program is appropriate for any staff member working in student affairs, student services, and/or adult student programs. It is ideal for institutions that have experienced a recent influx of adults or whose admissions teams have ramped up adult student recruitment and want to develop and implement an effective adult student success model. Specifically, attendees will include;

* Directors of adult student learning programs and recently developed adult centers
* Deans and vice presidents who oversee adult student initiatives
* Directors of student success and academic services or support programs
* Retention coordinators and specialists


Ensuring student success and retention is a campus-wide effort and requires the investment and support of administrators across campus. To encourage team participation, every fourth registration from the same institution is complimentary for this conference.

Developing a Veteran Student Services Office

More than 400,000 veterans have enrolled in schools across the country for the spring semester using the GI Bill. Yet many schools do not have programs and services in place to meet the needs of this unique -- and growing -- student population. This workshop will give you the tools to develop an adult student center with programs and services tailored to veteran students. The expert faculty will discuss the key facets of a strong veteran student services office and effective practices for supporting student veterans. With 40,000 veterans having just returned from Iraq in the last two months of 2011, there is and will continue to be a great need for veteran-specific services on campuses across the country.


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