Event Date/Time: Dec 04, 2012 End Date/Time: Dec 06, 2012
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The only meeting dedicated to translating the cancer genome into better personalized therapies and improving patient outcomes in the clinic.

Advances in sequencing technology are unlocking the cancer genome and driving the explosion of a new genomic era of cancer drugs and diagnostics. With inexpensive sequencing and analysis encouraging innovation in the field, the next hurdle to overcome lies within translating this into the clinic.

The 2nd Cancer Genome Summit is the worlds only commercially focused meeting dedicated to helping drug and diagnostic developers, academics and clinicians unlock this information rich resource.

Following on from the great success of the first Cancer Genome Summit last year, this meeting will feature unparalleled insights from pioneering experts to discuss how they can overcome challenges associated with bridging the gap between the cancer genome and the development of personalized therapies.

Industry experts will be discussing strategies to better identify driver mutations, how to analyse genomic data effectively, the use of genomic and pharmacological modeling to stratify patients, and how to translate cancer genome information into the clinical setting.

Imagine yourself in a room full with the leading pharma, biotech and academic organizations all speaking about how they are unlocking the cancer genome to revolutionize their drug development programs.

Benefits of Attending

• Learn how advances in NGS capabilities are being used to identify new drug targets driving the development of personalized therapies

• Discover how integrating genomic and pharmacological modeling can help patient stratification

• Recognize the importance of effective data analysis to identify driver mutations in large data sets

• Hear first hand how to translate cancer genome sequencing data into an actionable clinical strategy

• Discuss with industry leaders how sequencing technology is evolving and what the impact is on current research efforts

• Learn what approaches are proving fruitful in turning promising clinical data into treatment realities

Who should attend?

The Cancer Genome Summit has been specifically designed to focus on bridging the gap between sequencing the cancer genome in the lab, and our ability to use this information to develop better drugs and diagnostic technology. This meeting is designed for:

• Drug Developers working on identification of novel targets, biomarkers and strategies for personalized clinical trial design

• Researchers looking at using the increasing information coming from the cancer genome to advance our understanding of the disease

• Technology Providers keen to showcase their latest innovative platforms and equipment for sequencing, analysis and application of the genome

• Diagnostics Developers aiming to turn sequencing innovations into cancer diagnostics