Event Date/Time: Sep 27, 2012
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The blur between gaming and gambling is increasing rapidly, with games giving their customers more chances to win extra prizes and points if additional virtual money is spent. Some games have even gone so far as to allow players to cash in their prize money in the 'real' world. So, do virtual currencies circumvent current gambling laws? A black market in which players can buy and sell virtual winnings for real money is growing rapidly. There are more calls for regulation as social games are widely available to minors and children, leading online gambling companies to invest heavily in social gaming projects.

Though the commercial possibilities seem to be endless, so too are the legal issues arising in this online world. The separation between gaming and gambling will clearly have enormous implications for the future direction of the sectors. Analysts and business development experts will be keen to gain clarity on issues such as privacy, the use of virtual goods and electronic money, marketing and advertising, platform dominance and the protection of users and user data - just some of the major legal issues that will be discussed during this one-day conference in Central London.