Exercise – Why Its More Than Physical

Venue: virtual

Location: virtual, United States

Event Date/Time: Aug 21, 2012
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This free tele-class will be held on Tuesday, August 21st from 7pm to 8 pm, EST.

Exercise – It’s More Than Physical. Think about this. While you were last exercising did you feel competitive, confident or strong? And when you finished exercising, did you feel like you accomplished something, had a clearer head, or finally knew the answer to your problem? Exercise releases chemicals that make all those feelings possible! AND bonus, you improve your appearance and your health at the same time!

Now how do you consistently capitalize on that? You have to find the exercise that works best for your personality! There’s a relationship between your personality style and what exercise works best for you. Learn what your mind/body exercise connection is with Stephanie Wood, Choreographer, Business Coach, Nutritional Coach, Lifestyles Coach and creator of Body Knowledge System®.

Exercise means movement and movement means energy. It takes muscles to create energy and muscles are the information highway in the body. When you move, you raise your body’s intelligence quotient and your mind/body connection is re-aligned energizing all that you do and think.

Coach Stephanie turns exercise into a way of life that affects all aspects of your world!

In this FREE 1-hour Tele-Class and using her "Active Personality Style Profile©", Stephanie enables you to discover your ideal exercise so you’re empowered to create a fitness strategy that you will look forward to everyday and consistently feel the benefits!

The right exercise for you can be the key to feeling more confident, clearer and more connected to making the right decisions plus you will look better! Sign up today!


Please Take the Body Awareness Assessment before the class if possible at: http://bit.ly/bPhoMM

The Body Awareness Assessment provides 60 lifestyle change suggestions designed to enhance your life, increase your energy levels, help you look good and feel great.