The 6th International distance research and training conference Scholarly discussion: problems of me

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Event Date/Time: Aug 29, 2012 End Date/Time: Oct 29, 2012
Registration Date: Oct 29, 2012
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International centre of science and education
The 6th International distance research and training conference Scholarly discussion: problems of medicine (29 August, 2012, Moscow)

Postgraduates, doctoral candidates, research scientists, students (only in collaboration with scientific advisor) are welcome to take part in a conference.
There is a collection of materials with ISBN, UDC and LBC codes published after every conference which is registered in the Central Institute of Bibliography and sent throughout libraries. Publication of article equals publication of basic scientific results of thesis according to ‘Regulations on conferment on a higher degree’.
1. Medical Science
Section 1 Clinical medicine. Speciality 14.01.00
Section 2 Obstetrics and gynecology. Speciality 14.01.01
Section 3 Endocrinology. Speciality 14.01.02
Section 4 Illnesses of an ear, throat and nose. Speciality 14.01.03
Section 5 Internal illnesses. Speciality 14.01.04
Section 6 Cardiology. Speciality 14.01.05
Section 7 Psychiatry. Speciality 14.01.06
Section 8 Eye illnesses. Speciality 14.01.07
Section 9 Pediatrics. Speciality14.01.08
Section 10 Infectious diseases. Speciality 14.01.09
Section 11 Skin and venereal illnesses. Speciality 14.01.10
Section 12 Nervous illnesses. Speciality 14.01.11
Section 13 Oncology. Speciality 14.01.12
Section 14 Beam diagnostics, beam therapy. Speciality 14.01.13
Section 15 Stomatology. Speciality 14.01.14
Section 16 Traumatology and orthopedy. Speciality 14.01.15
Section 17 Phthisiology. Speciality 14.01.16
Section 18 Surgery. Speciality 14.01.17
Section 19 Neurosurgery. Speciality 14.01.18
Section 20 Children's surgery. Speciality 14.01.19
Section 21 Anesthesiology and resuscitation. Speciality 14.01.20
Section 22 Haematology and blood transfusion. Speciality 14.01.21
Section 23 Rheumatology. Speciality 14.01.22
Section 24 Urology. Speciality 14.01.23
Section 25 Pulmonology. Speciality 14.01.25
Section 26 Cardiovascular surgery. Speciality 14.01.26
Section 27 Narcology. Speciality 14.01.27
Section 28 Gastroenterology. Speciality 14.01.28
Section 29 Nephrology. Speciality 14.01.29
Section 30 Gerontology and geriatrics. Speciality 14.01.30
Section 31 Preventive medicine. Speciality 14.02.00
Section 32 Hygiene. Speciality 14.02.01
Section 33 Epidemiology. Speciality 14.02.02
Section 34 Public health and public health services. Speciality 14.02.03
Section 35 Work medicine. Speciality 14.02.04
Section 36 Medicine sociology. Speciality 14.02.05
Section 37 Medicobiological Examination and Medicosocial Rehabilitation. Speciality 14.02.06
Section 38 Medicobiological sciences. Speciality 14.03.00
Section 39 Human anatomy. Speciality 14.03.01
Section 40 Pathological anatomy. Speciality 14.03.02
Section 41 Pathological physiology. Speciality 14.03.03
Section 42 Toxicology. Speciality 14.03.04
Section 43 Forensic medicine. Speciality14.03.05
2. Pharmacology
Section 44 Pharmacology, clinical pharmacology. Speciality 14.03.06
Section 45 Clinical immunology, allergology. Speciality 14.03.09
Section 46 Clinical laboratory diagnostics. Speciality 14.03.10
Section 47 Regenerative medicine, sports medicine, balneology and physiotherapy. Speciality 14.03.11
3. Pharmaceutical sciences
Section 48 Medicament Technology. Speciality 14.04.01
Section 49 Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmacognosy. Speciality 14.04.02
Section 50 Organisation of pharmaceutical. Speciality 14.04.03

Conditions of participation: minimum size of materials for collection – 5 pages, font Times New Roman, interval 1.5, size of type 14, margins from each side 2 cm. List of bibliography should be alphabetically arranged, automatic links are not allowed (see article submission example). One collection of materials is sent to each participant (transfer costs are covered by the author).

Payment conditions: 4.5 $ (3.75 c. u.) for full/fractional page, 15 $ (12.5 c. u.) for delivery of one collection. Additional copy of collection – 11 $ (9 c. u.)/apiece. Also you can order a certificate of participation –3 $ (2.5 c. u.)/apiece. When pay check carefully your full name and surname in payment purpose.

Application form:
Closing date of conference
Full name and surname of an author
Place of work(full name of institution), position, degree
E-mail (of all the authors)
Contact telephone number(mobile/home)
Number and name of conference section
Name of article
Postal address for collections distribution(country, zip code)
Name and surname of recipient
How do you know about the conference? If from Net then give a link to site
Number of additional copies of collections (350 rub/apiece)
Number of certificates of applicant(s) in a conference (100 rub/apiece)

Last application day: 29 October 2012

Distribution of materials is up to 30 days from the last day of conference.

Contacts: 213 ofc, building 2, 6 Gostinichnyi proezd, Moscow, 127106
Tel.:+7-499-709-91-28. E-mail:
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Languages of the conference: Russian, English.

Payment details:
Recipient: LLC “Mezhdunarodnyi tsentr nauki i obrazovaniya” (International centre of science and education)
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Payment purpose: arrangement fee for participation in a conference



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