Research Project on Social Evil and Religion in Africa

Venue: Johannesburg,

Location: Johannesburg,, South Africa

Event Date/Time: Aug 03, 2013 End Date/Time: Aug 03, 2013
Registration Date: Dec 22, 2012
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Research Project on Social Evil and Religion in Africa
CERESC is organizing a research project with the vision of publishing the original research work on Social Evil and Religion in Africa. The project will bring together prominent scholars in the fields of Religion, Politics, History, Theology, Social Sciences, and Philosophy.

Call for Papers
One of the perennial problems that mankind has continue to grapple with is the question of Evil. This is one big problem which is threatening the belief in the existence of God. Thus one finds that every century has posed this question to itself: “How does one continue to believe in a God who is supposed to be almighty, loving and merciful, when suffering, poverty, injustice, disaster, war, sickness and death seem to dominate the societal, as well as individual lives? On this issue quite a number of solutions have been proffered but the world is yet to meet a definitive answer.

The African traditional cosmology and weltanschauung incline us towards believing that many social evil cases affecting the continent are connected or even controlled by supernatural realities or gods. In other words, there is a strong tendency to link the current social evil challenges to supernatural realities. Within this line of thought has emerged high demand to solve these problems with an appeal to divine realities through Religion.

The goal of this project is to explore the place of religion in African Social Institutions, in order to inquire if religion can in anyway be or used as a vehicle of eradicating social evil. This inquiry will be approached from cross-disciplinary perspectives, thereby providing an inspiring platform for the latest studies and responses in nation building and religion.
Papers are welcome on any of the following themes:

1. Christianity in Africa and the Problem of Evil
2. African Understanding of Evil
3. Islam, the Society and Social Evil
4. Christianity/Islam, Community Participation and Social Development
5. Social Evil: Meaning and Applications in Africa
6. Divine Curse and Nation Building
7. “New Religious Movements” in Africa and Interpretation of Social Evil
8. The Role of Religion in the Service of Social Justice
9. God, the Cause of Social Evil?
10. Atheistic Explanation of Social Evil: An African Experience
11. Indigenous African Religions and Christianity/Islam: Social Challenges and Development
12. Are Religions in Africa Social Injustice Multiplier?
13. Causal Relationship between Poverty and Supernatural Realities
14. Wichtcraft, “iri/ita amaosu” in African Religious Mentality
15. The Influence of African Causality on Christianity/Islam in Africa
16. Can Religion solve African social and development Problems?
17. Evil Spirits Phenomenon the Cause of Social Inequality, Diseases and Sickness?
18. Demon-Mania, Religious Psychosis and Social Underdevelopment of Africa
While we encourage papers from that above listed themes, other topics related to the project topic will be considered. We also encourage young scholars and doctorate students submit their entries. It can be in a form of a research paper, case study, monograph or Book Review.
Paper submission Guidelines and Important Dates:
Abstracts of no more than 350 words should be submitted directly to Ms Doris Adaora, by December 22, 2012. The authors will be notified of the decision of the reviewers on April 14, 2013. Submission of full papers is on August 3, 2013. The paper should be accompanied by a cover letter containing the following data: Author's Name, Institutional Affiliation, and Contact Information.
Your valuable write up will definitely benefit the research community and the people of Africa.
Many thanks in anticipation for your favourable response.
Yours sincerely,

Mag. J. Ndubuisi Edeh, MAB, STM
Project Director