The Creativity Workshop in Singapore (The Creativity Works)

Venue: Oxford Hotel

Location: Singapore, Singapore

Event Date/Time: Feb 14, 2013 End Date/Time: Feb 17, 2013
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The workshop in Singapore will take place on the campus of The Singapore Management University, located in the city center.

We are recommending the Oxford Hotel as being walking distance to the campus.

The Creativity Workshop in Singapore will help you be more creative in your personal and professional life. To this end, the Workshop uses the tools of creative writing, memoir, art, photography, storytelling, mapmaking, and guided visualization.

This intensive long weekend Creativity Workshop meets for 4 hours a day. You will have the rest of the time to take in this vibrant international city.

The Creativity Workshop is attended by people from many different countries and professions, including business, education, psychology, the sciences and the arts. Experts agree that creativity is key to success in all professions. It also helps individuals feel more fulfilled, relaxed, and happier. Travel outside our own culture is known to be one of the greatest inspirations to creativity and self discovery.

Many people who have taken The Creativity Workshop say that it was an essential and transformative experience. It helped them write their books, start new companies, complete long overdue projects, transition to rewarding retirements, and change the way they look at life.

The techniques we explore in class will sharpen your appreciation of Singapore and its surroundings. In your free time you can visit the historic Chinese Heritage Museum, go to the beach, share breakfast with an orangutan at Singapore’s renowned zoological gardens or have a proper Victorian high tea at the elegant Raffles Hotel.

The Creativity Workshop is an experiential workshop of doing and experimenting. You will go straight to the source of your imagination and outrun creative blocks and negative self criticism. The Workshop's exercises, techniques and instructor talks are focused on helping you:

Learn practical techniques to stimulate your creativity and imagination
Get in touch with the innate creativity you already have
Explore creativity as a way of life: a process rather than just a product
Find inspiration in the world around you
Get over creative blocks and the fear of failure
Learn how to make time in your life for creative work

Engage your curiosity every day
Work with many different mediums to more deeply develop your creativity in your chosen medium
Use your memories to engage your imagination
Discover how to use your creativity for a lifetime of learning
Give yourself the time, permission, and nourishment to do the creative projects you love
Establish a 15 minute a day creativity practice to accomplish these goals after the workshop ends

Daily Schedule
(Order and kinds of exercises and instructors' talks may vary. Some exercises are done individually while others are collaborative.)

Thursday, February 14: First day of workshop
Introduction to the hows and whys of the
Creativity Workshop.
Relaxation: Exercises in relaxation techniques to help your imagination flow.
Guided Visualization: Calling forth the vocabulary of your imagination using the myth of the hero's journey as a framework.
Automatic Drawing exercise: Finding our hidden imagery.
Show and Tell: Retrieving and sharing childhood memories to spark new ideas. This exercise will sharpen your storytelling skills.
Instructors' talk: How some famous writers, scientists, and artists found their inspiration, and how you can use some of their methods to find yours.

Friday, February 15:

Guided Visualization: Map-making as a way to find, chart, and communicate your creative process and projects.
Automatic Writing: How automatic writing (also known as “free writing”) can help you create in new and surprising ways. How you can use automatic writing to outrun your inner judge, get over creative blocks and discover new ways of developing and editing written work. How alternating between writing and drawing can help you develop creative flexibility and mind dexterity.
The Interview: Listening to and experiencing a life outside your own. How listening is as important as doing in creative work.
Writing in Cafes: an exercise that will take place over the next 2 days.
Instructors' talks may include:
How to do on-going creative work in short modules of time.
How to use luck and coincidence to jump start creative projects.

Saturday, February 16:
Guided visualization: Letter writing as a way to express voice, character and audience.
Miniature Theatre: Storytelling with found objects.
Automatic Writing: Writing in Groups. How writing and/or drawing with others can stimulate your imagination and expand your point of view.

Instructors' talks may include:
The importance of play in creative work.
Valuing creative process over product.

Sunday, February 17:

Guided visualization: The Myth of the Other. Imagining yourself living a parallel life. What would you do that you aren't doing now?
The Sand Mandala:Making an Illuminated Manuscript.
Final Group Exercise.
Instructors' talks may include:
The Gift of the Amateur.
Creativity is a Muscle: Use it or Lose it.
Making your home and work environments inspiring.
How to stay creative after The Creativity Workshop ends.
Cafe exercise: Writing, drawing, photographing people you find in local cafes
The Illuminated Manuscript: A collaborative exercise in combining mediums and perspectives.