Womens Leadership and Empowerment Conference 2013

Venue: Royal Benja Hotel

Location: Bangkok, Thailand, Thailand

Event Date/Time: Mar 13, 2013 End Date/Time: Mar 15, 2013
Registration Date: Feb 15, 2013
Early Registration Date: Oct 15, 2012
Abstract Submission Date: Feb 01, 2013
Paper Submission Date: Feb 15, 2013
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Women’s Leadership and Empowerment Conference 2013 is a three-day program, which consists of three components: study session “women’s leadership and empowerment of disadvantaged groups”, presentations of submitted papers and open discussions. It is open to all of those interested in gaining leadership skills and new knowledge as well as those who want to share their own achievements since the Conference is designed as a special training program for future leaders in different fields. The minimum requirement is that participants have taken at least one year of graduate university courses. Undergraduate students may be reviewed and accepted under special conditions and based on their academic background, CV and past achievements.

WLC 2013 provides a comprehensive and interactive program in which participants cultivate their cross-cultural, leadership and communication skills and learn about innovation, its importance and implement it.

This program provides participants with an analysis of leadership, its styles and impact worldwide. Each participant should be able to understand how different cultures, educational systems, political and economical environments influence leadership sales. Participants will learn how to motivate and lead people coming from different cultures. You cannot use the same leadership style in every culture and you can not motivate all the people in the same way. Differenet things motivate different people and move them up into the action. This knowledge paired with the participants’ improved communication skills and leadership skills can be a powerful tool to inflict positive change in their own communities and organizations as a step toward creating good and responsible professionals and future leaders.
“Some leaders are born women.” The topic of this Conference is inspired by fact that women constitute half of the world’s population, perform nearly two thirds of its work hours, receive one-tenth of the world’s income and still own less than one-hundredth of the world’s property. This Conference will try to answer multiple questions regarding the role and importance of women in contemporary societies. What potential and impact do they have in politics, business, education and public sector? By taking a part in Fourth Annual Women’s Leadership Conference, you will have a chance to learn and discuss this and many more issues of importance in creating and developing leadership skills, especially among disadvantaged groups. The following types of submissions are accepted:

Research Papers: Completed research papers in any of the topic areas listed bellow or related areas.

Abstracts: Abstracts of completed or proposed research in any of the topic areas listed bellow, or related areas.The abstract for proposed research should include the research objectives, proposed methodology, and a discussion of expected outcomes.
Student Papers: Research done by students in any of the topic areas listed bellow, or related areas.
Case Studies: Case studies in any of the topic areas listed bellow, or related areas.
Work-in-Progress Reports or Proposals for Future Research: Incomplete research or ideas for future research in order to generate discussion and feedback in any of related areas.
Reports on Issues Related to Women and Leadership: Reports related to innovative instruction techniques or research related to teaching in any of the topic areas listed bellow or related areas.

Conference themes and topic for discussions and papers submission include, but are not limited to, the following:

Casual factors of leadership development
Can leadership be learned? – Nature vs. nurture
Cross cultural aspects of leadership
Family Systems: Change and Traditions
Leadership styles and techniques
Leadership values
Leading under extreme diversity
Women and leadership
Women with Disabilities
Shaping the future by female leaders
Creating an innovative leadership
Growing as individuals
Creating a new relationship with your values, especially money
Success Stories: Meet women who have achived successful careers
Women and Sports
Women as Entrepreneurs
Women and Environment
Women in Politics
The Role of Women in Contemporary Society
Role Reversal in the Home and Workplace

All submissions (papers, detailed executive summaries, cases, and panel proposals) will be reviewed, and acceptance/rejection is based upon quality and relevance to the conference. Submit the abstract of your presentation along with the application form.