6th International Conference on Computational Methods and Experiments in Materials Characterisation (Materials Characteri)

Venue: Certosa di Pontignano

Location: Siena, Italy

Event Date/Time: Jun 04, 2013 End Date/Time: Jun 06, 2013
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Following the success of the five previous meetings in this series (Santa Fe, New Mexico, in 2003; Portland, Maine in 2005; Bologna, Italy in 2007; the New Forest campus of the Wessex Institute of Technology in 2009 and Kos, Greece, in 2011) it has been decided to reconvene the International Conference on Computational Methods and Experiments in Materials Characterisation in 2013 at La Certosa, the University of Siena.
Materials science involves relating the molecular properties and the relative performance of a material to its micro-structural features through characterisation.

Over the years, a variety of experimental techniques have been developed for characterising the physical and chemical properties of materials. Unfortunately, due to a number of simplifying assumptions and limitations on the use of individual materials, it is not often possible to describe in a qualitative, reliable way the micro-structural features of many materials. Consideration of different experimental methods as well as computer simulation is essential to achieve a thorough comprehensive analysis. Simulation can contribute to the understanding of the phenomena and provide a good basis for the development of durable materials and components which can withstand ambient and extreme environmental conditions.
The way forward in material characterisation is to develop new experimental techniques or apply existing methodologies, adapted from other related disciplines. A very wide range of materials, starting with metals through polymers and semiconductors to composites, necessitates a whole spectrum of experimental techniques and numerical methods, which are specific for material types. Some of these well-established methodologies could potentially find applications in new fields. In this context a multidisciplinary approach in material characterisation and the exchange of original ideas is indispensable.

The aim of the International Conference on Computational Methods and Experiments in Materials Characterisation is to facilitate such interdisciplinary interactions within the research community.


Loc. Pontignano, 5 53019 Castelnuovo Berardenga Siena, Italy

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Topics include: Computational models and experiments Mechanical characterisation and testing Micro and macro materials characterisation Corrosion problems Innovative experimental technologies Recycled materials Thermal analysis Advances in composites Cementitious materials Structural health monitoring Energy materials Delegates attending Materials Characterisation 2013 will be invited to submit an extended version of their paper for possible publication in the International Journal of Computational Methods and Experimental Measurements, one of the Journals edited by the Wessex Institute. Papers presented at Materials Characterisation 2013 will appear in a volume of WIT Transactions on Engineering Sciences (ISSN: 1746-4471, Digital ISSN: 1743-3533).