Ideal Human & Ideal Society in the Thoughts M. Fethullah Gülen

Venue: University of the Punjab

Location: Lahore, Pakistan

Event Date/Time: Nov 21, 2012 End Date/Time: Nov 22, 2012
Paper Submission Date: Sep 30, 2012
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The Fountain, a bimonthly magazine of scientific and spiritual thought, and Rumi Forum, PakTurk I.C.E. Foundation, are pleased to announce "Ideal Human & Ideal Society in the Thoughts M. Fethullah Gülen," an international conference organized in cooperation with the Government of Punjab, Punjab Education Department, Higher Education Commission and the University of the Punjab.
Every problem we face in our lives, be it at the individual level or affecting the wider society, has its roots in the human condition. Whether it is the downfall in finance in the US and Europe or lack of basic human needs in Africa, whether it is growing rates of divorce or difficulties in urban life, all challenges start from the deviations in individuals which are reflected proportionately in the family, neighborhood, and the entire nation. Thus, we believe, solutions have to be sought where the problems start.

This conference aims to explore the model of ideal human and ideal society that have found their definitions in the thoughts and practice of Gülen, a prominent Turkish scholar and prolific author. A pioneer of positive action that contributes to social welfare and peace in Turkey and worldwide through education, Gülen has had great influence on young people with his reviving interpretations of faith and tradition according to the conditions of the modern era and with his global activities in promoting education as an instrument of intercultural and inter-religious interaction with a vision for the future that is an inspirational hope, where peace and justice are maintained in the world.

He has inspired an immense civil society movement, known as “Hizmet Movement” in Turkey that since the late 1960s has evolved and grown to encompass many facets of social life. This movement of voluntary people, who has put forth their combined effort to promote civilized and universal values at home and worldwide, is trying to act as a bridge in realizing unity in diversity, synergy, social innovation, interaction and dialogue between the members of different cultures and civilizations.