Brochure - PDF

Your conference website link may be submitted in the beginning of the conference creation and is included in the price of any of the listing options- gold, silver, or basic.  However, if you would like to link your conference listing to a PDF for the public to be able to download your brochure, there is a charge involved for each conference.

You will notice that when someone opens up the conference page they will see a button labeled “Download Brochure”.  Here is where an attendee would access your brochure.  If you would like to place a pdf instead of your conference website, you may choose to do that in the same place where you link it to your conference website (as mentioned above).

In order to add a PDF brochure that activates the "download brochure" button on your AllConference website page, just follow these easy steps:

  1. Choose the Advanced form for your conference submission
  2. Follow the steps and on the very last page you will see your listing options page
  3. Choose any listing option from the top half
  4. Then from the bottom half choose PDF where you can upload your pdf file