Draft Status


Why has my listing request been changed to draft status?

This may be due to one of the reasons below:

  1. If your information is incomplete (such as no specific venue)
  2. If you place information in the wrong section (such as pricing, email, or contact info in the title)
  3. If your url isn’t pointing to the conference itself, but instead to either many events or in general to your company- needs to point to the specific conference
  4. If you submitted a duplicate (this is not allowed) – we might reject one if we notice one is more complete than the other or we may choose the first listing submitted.

Your information previously saved will still be there; however, to complete or modify your listing, please click on :

  • My Planner Account
  • Management
  • Choose the conference to complete
  • Complete Draft button
  • From here you may go directly to the link under Management where you need to complete the information
  • You must click on Submit on each page to save your information.

Even though it will take you through many of the previous steps, if you do not have to enter new information, you many just click on Submit to go to the next pages.