Guidelines for Accepting Conferences

For those wanting to advertise a product or service, please refer to

We understand why we receive so many conference submissions.  When you're found among the TOP searches in Google and Bing in most major categories and have stats like these, it's easy to see why has a loyal following:

  • Over 1 Million pages indexed by Google
  • Over 4 Million Pageviews in 2012
  • Has had more than 8 Million visitors
  • More than 100,000 entries received
  • Greater visibility could mean more attendees
  • Gain an instant global presence 

For those who fall under the categories below, you may still advertise your company or service on by going to this link:

By popular demand, we now accept repeat or brief events such as continuing education courses, training sessions, seminars, and workshops.

With the new enterprise version, we do have new guidelines.  We do not accept the following as a listing:

  1. Advertisements of a product or service (see Advertise tab for this)
  2. Journals
  3. Links to something other than the conference or event
  4. Teleconferences or teleseminars
  5. Self promotion of just 1 person, service or website (see Advertise tab for this)
  6. When there are too many errors in English language found in the description
  7. Where just list a link is submitted (be it in the short or long description)
  8. Events that are lewd or incendiary in any way
  9. Listings that are in another language other than English, Spanish, or French
  10. Events that do not have a specific date or where the date range is more than 5 days

Please also see Terms & Conditions.