After you have signed up on, you will be able to access various account types in your user panel.  Depending on the service you choose, you will activate the account for the specific service after submitting either your conference or your ad.

My AllConferences Account - This is your own personal account. It provides a user panel where you can edit your profile and conference notifications as well as view your saved searches, personal conference calendar and any conferences for which you have registered.

Corporate Account -  Your Corporate Account is the account that holds your company information.  If you are an independent meeting planner, this would be your own company.  If you are an individual simply listing an event, then this would just be your individual information. Here is where you would find your company information; account history (transactions); list of users in your account (Assistant Planners or Assistant Advertisers).

My Advertiser Account - In your Advertiser account you can manage various aspects of your advertising campaign. Choose whether you want to show your ad for a certain number of impressions or set a specific dollar amount worth of impressions. There are different display options- banner, skyscraper, and leaderboard positions.  You will also be able to choose whether to publish your ad now or put it on hold until you are ready for it to display.

My Planner Account - This account type allows you to organize your conferences or events as the meeting planner or conference organizer.  Manage your event listing details, online registrations, venue locations, times, and several other important features.