Deploying Voice Technology 2004 (FRCI053)

Venue: PARIS

Location: PARIS, France

Event Date/Time: Oct 06, 2004 End Date/Time: Oct 08, 2004
Registration Date: Sep 17, 2004
Early Registration Date: Sep 17, 2004
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- Increasing ROI & boosting good customer experience –

6th, 7th, 8th October 2004
Paris - FRANCE

Voice technology brings revolution to the market. Speech recognition, speaker verification, automated speech and similar technological advancements have already left the scientific laboratories and are about to change the efficiency of customer contact & service. Increased productivity, functionality and security allow companies to achieve serious ROI and cut down on the high costs that the contact centre involves. As the European customer is getting used to deal with an automated service, corporations might analyse the possibility of increased self-service. In the same time companies head towards voice
transactions and multi-channel architecture that can be integrated into the existing IT infrastructure. All accompanied with strong security systems that biometrics more than ever allow. But not only there does voice & speech technology show its potential. We are also about to face the revolution of voice applications in various electronic equipment of daily use. And what is similar to the popularisation of Internet - the VoIP revolution, also on enterprise level.

The conference will examine how ready the European market is for this voice revolution, how it has advanced already and where it is heading. As well as show, on the example of industry case studies, how to find the necessary balance between operational efficiency, productivity and customer satisfaction.

Case studies will include cutting edge topics such as:

- Growing business through speech deployment
- Voice application opportunities in the EMEA region
- Future trends in the speech technology
- Consumer voice revolution
- Multi-channel interaction with the customer
- Boosting CRM possibilities with voice technology
- Traditional telephony vs. VoIP – the free of cost telecommunication
- Advanced biometrics and the chance for voice-enabled transactions
- VoIP – replacement or option? Threat or opportunity for the traditional telephony?
- Enterprise VoIP – trends & drivers
- Advanced speech/voice solutions : IVR (interactive voice response), Voice XML,
- Analysis of the business case for voice technology: cost cutting, customer satisfaction and increased ROI
- Developing voice driven systems
- Speaker verification/voice-recognition vs. security…: banking, insurance, payments over voice
- Cool applications: speaking to your pc, phone, car, kitchen equipment

Your executive European speaker panel special guests :

Matias Musmacher
Manager of Systems & Technology
Deutsche Bahn (Germany)

Dominic Cameron
Director of Voice Web (UK)

Hubert Cropsal
Head Call Center
Air France (France)

Martin Karlsson
VP & Business IT Manager Electronic Banking
Nordea (Sweden)

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