Suicide Terror- The Definitive Overview of the Threat (Suicide Terror)

Venue: Embassy Suites Centennial Park

Location: Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Event Date/Time: Feb 24, 2005 End Date/Time: Feb 24, 2004
Registration Date: Feb 23, 2005
Early Registration Date: Jan 16, 2005
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This is a specialized course, for qualified law enforcement personnel. The course is made up of many modules that may be chosen according to the needs of the organization. The course will prepare participants to understand, learn to avoid terror situations and know how to deal with emergency situations when they arise. Some modules require a high degree of physical fitness. Please consult with a course coordinator for further details.

Stage One - Suicide Terror
•The tenets of Islam applied to the modern world
•The Moslem, Jewish, Christian conflict. Stage
•Terror organizations founded on religious fundamentalism.
•Secular terrorist organizations
•International terror.
•State supported terror.
•Bin Laden's terrorist activities.
•Cooperation between terrorist organizations around the world.
•Israel's strategy for fighting terror.
•International cooperation in fighting terror.
•Typical bomb construction.
•Firing mechanisms.
•Booby traps.
•Hiding places and the use of every day objects as bombs.
•Explosives and improvised materials.
•Car bombs.
•Suicide bombers.
•Standard event management procedures.
•Warnings issued by Security Authorities - Cooperation and coordination.
•Dealing with a combined terror attack.
** Event / episode analysis

Stage Two - Anti-terror Activities
•Finding and identifying suspects.
•Signs that arouse suspicion.
•Management and operation of an entry control system.
•Procedures for combing an area, offices and storage spaces.
•Building evacuation procedures.
•Dealing with anonymous phone calls about bomb threats.
•What to do in an emergency.
•Dealing with suspicious mail and packages.
•Preparing for emergencies.
•Crisis and pressure situation management.
•Crowd control in pressure situations following an event.
•Decision-making processes in crisis situations.


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Additional Information

Presenter: Tal Hanan is a former Explosive Ordinance Unit Commander of the Israeli Special Forces. He has lectured and consulted in Africa, South and Central America, and the United States. The Israel College of Security is Israel's foremost security training institute. The College was originally part of the Israel Security Establishment's official training organization. Today, as a private training institute, the College is responsible for the security plans for most Israeli Government complexes, and has more than 250 expert presenters in its course program. Security Solutions International is dedicated to providing US Government, Law Enforcement, Medical Personnel and private entities with the best know-how available in the world today. Courses range from the Helicopter Pilot Emergency preparedness training to IMO security compliance courses; effective land and air counter-terrorism strategy and tactics. All courses are based on Israeli know-how, gained in more then 50 years as victims of terror attacks.