Venue: University of Padua

Location: Padua, Italy

Event Date/Time: Jun 27, 2005 End Date/Time: Jun 28, 2005
Registration Date: Jun 27, 2005
Early Registration Date: May 31, 2005
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EuroFutureTex was launched in June 2004 in Barcelona under the name EuroNanoTex and was the first conference to look specifically at how nanotechnologies could impact the European textile industry in maintaining an advantage in the increasingly competitive textile industry.

EuroFutureTex 2005 provides a roadmap on how nanotechnologies can best be leveraged within the textile industry. It offers the textile industry, nanotechnology solution providers, and government policy makers a better understanding of how nanotechnologies would be useful to the textile industry, better understand the issues and to look for European solutions.

With speakers ranging from the largest textile associations, the European Commission and some of the most influential technology companies, EuroNanoTex was a success at bringing together the various communities that make up the disparate textile industry.

2004 Speakers
• Concepció Ferrer i Casal, Member, European Parliament, and President, EP’s Forum for Textiles, Clothing and Leather
• Donn Tice, CEO, Nano-Tex, LLC
• Tim E. Harper, CEO, Cientifica & Executive Director, European NanoBusiness Association
• Dr. Mark E Welland, Professor of Nanotechnology & Director of IRC in Nanotechnology & Nanoscience, University of Cambridge
• Dr. Helmut Schift, Head of Laboratory for Micro- and Nanotechnology, Paul Scherrer Institut
• Lutz Walter, Manager of R&D, EURATEX (European Apparel and Textile Organisation)
• Dr. Ralf Zimehl, German Textile Research Center (DTNW)
• Dr. Roshan Shishoo, Director, Shishoo Consulting AB
• Dr. Edgar Muñoz, Carbon Nanostructures and Nanotechnology, Institute of Carbon Chemistry (CSIC)
• Dr. Dirk Hegemann, Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Testing and Research (EMPA)
• Dr. Michiel Scheffer, Partner & Managing Director, Polisema BV
• Salvador Maluquer, Executive Vice-President, Asociación Industrial Textil de Proceso Algodonero, AITPA (Spanish cotton textiles industry association)
• Dr. Ger Brinks, Director and Adviser, BMA Techne--Business Technology Development
Now under its new name, EuroFutureTex 2005 will be exploring the wide variety of technologies that are providing new functionality to the textile industry with an emphasis on those provided by nanotechnology, but still looking at the impact of microtechnologies that are evolving to the nanoscale.

Who Attends & Why

EuroNanoTex 2004 in Barcelona last year attracted 100+ participants with a majority coming from the textile industry and the most influential research institutes. The reasons for participating in EuroFutureTex 2005 are clear:
For the textile industry:
• Learn how nanotechnology is already affecting the businesses models of textile producers from the US to China
• Gain an insight into the range of options available from fibre modification to finishing techniques
• Understand the new functionalities gained by employing nanotechnologies in textiles and the Return on Investment that can be realized
• Meet with government decision makers, researchers and technology providers
For policy and decision makers:
• How can Europe respond to the twin threats of high tech ‘knowledge enabled’ textiles and low cost Asian production
• Understand how governments are helping textile industries in Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan to become more competitive
• Acquire the knowledge necessary to direct both research spending and regulation
• Evaluate the options from the viewpoints of both industry and research
For the technology community:
• Understand the technology requirements of the European textile industry
• Meet with producers and users of textiles
• Learn how the growth of smart textiles is attracting interest from consumers, technology companies and the military
• Gain access to global funding programs and end users

To give you a sense of who attends EuroFutureTex, here is a breakdown of those who attended EuroNanoTex in 2004:
Delegates by Industry

Textile Companies 29%
Research Institutes 20%
Universities 10%
Textile Trade Associations 10%

Technology Companies
(Electronics, Chemicals) 10%
Nanotechnology Companies 7%
Government 7%
Other 7%


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