Event Date/Time: Jul 26, 2005 End Date/Time: Jul 28, 2005
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Joint Force Transformation

Defining the Current State and Future Requirements

27-28 July 2005, Washington D.C.

The transformational process within the Department of Defense is not just one piece of equipment or network; rather it is an enterprise alignment and integration initiative to serve as an engine for innovation, jointness and interoperability to better serve our future warfighters.

Joint Force Transformation will focus on the Commanders and Industry’s role in identifying challenges and obstacles that affect transformation. This informed and highly engaging forum will allow delegates the opportunity to hear rare case studies and information from the heads of all major transformation policy offices, unified commands and allied partners. Furthermore, industry will be afforded the opportunity to hear the efficiencies and deficiencies of their current and future programs, as well as transforming the DoD acquisition and procurement policy as it relates to transforming the force.

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Sample of the Topic Discussed at Joint Force Transformation

J7: Standardizing Joint National Training in Support of Transformation
Allied Forces Iraq Panel: Discussing Joint Operations - Are We Interoperable?
Defense Industrial Policy: Mapping Functional Capabilities to Pin Point Military Needs
J9: Ensuring Optimal Future Joint Force Capability through Joint Concepts, Emerging Technologies and Organization
Strategic Transformation Appraisal (STA) : A Step Toward Capabilities-Based Planning
Space Superiority - Critical for All Successful Joint Operations
PLUS! A Special Workshop on Earned Value Management
Hear from those having an Immediate Impact on Transformation, Including:

General John P. Jumper, Chief of Staff, United States Air Force
Lieutenant General Daniel P. Leaf, Vice Commander, Air Force Space Command, USAF
Lieutenant General H. Steven Blum, Chief, National Guard Bureau
Major General Jon A. Gallinetti, Director, Joint Training, Commander, Joint Warfighting Center, USJFCOM
Major General John R. Wood, Director, Joint Experimentation Directorate J-9, USJFCOM
Rear Admiral Chris Parry, Director General (Designate), Joint Doctrine and Concepts Centre (MoD UK)
Brigadier General Kazimerierz Sikorski, PhD, Defense and Air Attaché, Polish Defence Forces
Suzanne D. Patrick, Deputy Undersecretary of Defense for Industrial Policy, OUSD
Terry Pudas, Acting Director, Office of Force Transformation, OSD
Dr. Thomas C. Hone, Assistant Director, Risk Management, Office of Force Transformation, OSD
For more information on Joint Force Transformation
call (703) 739-5620 or email info@iidefense.org

Pre-Conference Workshop

Presented in Conjunction with Robbins-Gioia

Earned value management (EVM) is now becoming one of the hottest commodities in use for project management, for several reasons. Among them, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) requirement that EVM be used to manage the capital investments of the executive branch of the federal government is driving the importance. But EVM is not just an OMB requirement; it is used by industries and governments around the world. Why? Because it works! The Space Shuttle, Pentagon renovation, and International Space Station represent programs that use or have used EVM. EVM has been an effective management and control tool in the DoD for the past 37 years as well, providing defense leaders with accurate and reliable feedback on cost, schedule and performance throughout the life cycle of the their programs. This interactive workshop will provide insight and practical ideas and examples for how to:

Understand the principles of EVM
Apply EVM to projects and real situations
Gain acceptance of EVM at the enterprise level
Define OMB Earned Value Management (EVM) requirements for measuring project progress
Utilize EVM as an early warning system for program managers and executives
Apply the discipline of EVM to IT and other capital Investments
Identify the benefits of earned value to cost and schedule control
Use EVM as a performance measurement tool
Develop EVM models and procedures for your projects
Extend EVM to risk management on your projects
Leverage EVM as a strategic decision-making tool
Review and calculate earned value using an IT project as an example
Gain better control of your projects with EVM


Mr. Dennis W. White, MBA, PMP is a Principal Consulting Manager with Robbins-Gioia, LLC. He is currently involved with investment management and the preparation of Exhibit 300s required by OMB in his educational support to the Department of Agriculture. He is also the product manager and primary instructor for all EVM training development and delivery and serves as the primary SME for EVM solution development. Mr. White has been a frequent speaker for PMI, College of Performance Management and has always been active in policy formulation and development, first from the government perspective then through the National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA). During prior assignments, he supervised consulting customer support for the development, implementation, and ultimate certification of earned value management (EVM) systems. Mr. White has served as primary advisor on all project management issues related to EVM in both the consulting role for various organizations and as a department manager with Rockwell International. As an Acquisition Program Management Officer, in the U.S. Air Force, he held several positions in acquisition management. Mr. White specialized in Contractor Performance Measurement, and during the last part of his career was responsible for leading reviews of contractors’ management control systems. He also spent two years as an instructor at an Air Force Systems Acquisition School.

Mr. White has over 25 years project management experience, over 23 years earned value management experience and over 15 years teaching experience. He is a Certified Project Management Professional (PMP).


B.S., Management Science/Mathematics, San Diego State University

M.B.A. (Information Systems Management), California State University-SB

For more information on Joint Force Transformation
call (703) 739-5620 or email info@iidefense.org

Who Should Attend

Government Attendee Profile:

Senior Military Officials O6-O10
Civilian Executives and Academics
Analysts & Support
Interoperability Division Chiefs
J2-J9 Intel, Training, C4
Directors of Intelligence
Directors of Technology
Advanced Concepts
Training Directorates
C4 Systems
Industry Attendee Profile:

VPs, Directors and Program Managers

Plans, Policy and Operations
Transformation Specialists
Corporate Strategy
Business Development
Acquisition Division Chiefs
Future Combat Systems

For more information on Joint Force Transformation
call (703) 739-5620 or email info@iidefense.org

Event Pricing and Packages
Two Day Conference Plus Full Day Workshops $1499
Two Day Conference Only $999
Additional Packages and Discounts are available. Please contact info@iidefense.org for details.