Event Date/Time: Nov 30, 2005 End Date/Time: Dec 02, 2005
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Success on the battlefield in today’s age can be determined by superior information. Twenty-first century reality shows that network-centric approaches influence strategy and tactics of military operations and also the research and development and procurement programs of defense departments. Joint vision and joint operations require joint capabilities. The global information grid (GIG) provides the network for bringing together joint force capabilities. Platform sensors in every force must be able to plug and play or perish; i.e. plug into the GIG and integrate with other systems or they won’t survive. Key issues that this conference will focus on are the compatibility, integration and consistency of sensor fusion. It will explore ways to speed up the flow of information to provide a more accurate picture to the war fighter in real-time.


Tyson's Corner
United States

Additional Information

Pre Conference Workshop Delegates will benefit from an interactive workshop, which will provide a unique opportunity to take part in an open discussion surrounding the Maritime Domain Awareness (MDA) program. MDA requires cross-domain data fusion from a wide variety of sources. The session will look at the challenges associated with building a family of systems for access to data.