Fruit & Vegetable Business of Russia 2007. Wealth of New Opportunities (FVBR2007)

Venue: Expocenter

Location: Moscow, Russia

Event Date/Time: Oct 23, 2007 End Date/Time: Oct 25, 2007
Registration Date: Oct 10, 2007
Early Registration Date: Sep 10, 2007
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If you are professionally involved in trade, processing, production of vegetables, potato, fruits and berries, or if you provide services to the produce business enterprises, this conference is for you, because it is:

The unique professional international conference of the produce business conducted on the territory of Russian Federation (up to 300 participants are expected)

The unique place for the best experts to share their view of the development of Russian and global fruit and vegetable market, where you, as the conference participant, will have an opportunity to personally communicate with them

Meeting place for the largest and the most successful players of the produce business who represent its whole spectrum, from producers to supermarket chains

The place to introduce main novelties in the area of the technological solutions for the produce business (storage, post harvest handling, packing and production) with the possibility to present them in the framework of the exhibition too

"Agrooglyad: Vegetables and Fruits" project, IA "APK-Inform" and Expomedia Events Russia invite you to participate in the second international conference "Produce Business in Russia 2007", to be conducted in the framework of the international exhibition IFE Fresh Produce.

The participation in the conference means the opportunity to get "first-hand" valuable information about fruit and vegetable market from the leaders of this industry and the international experts.

The program of the event is composed in such a manner that, to the addition to the presentations, it provides a lot of opportunities to discuss the urgent issues and to have informal talks, and also to establish new contacts in the industry. We try to do everything possible for the conference to become the well of new ideas and the path to new opportunities.

The conference was conducted for the first time past year; despite of this fact, it managed to gather more than 100 participants and to get their best references. Also, the specialized mass media actively discussed the feedback of the conference not only in Russia but also in the EU countries. More than 90% of the participants expressed their desire to participate in the second international conference "Produce Business in Russia 2007". Immediately after the end of the event several leading companies declared their intention to support the conference in 2007. The conference had great references from the governmental authorities as well; they highly recognized the contribution of the conference to the produce sector development in Russia.

The conference 2007 is planned to include the following topic blocks:

The state and perspectives of the produce business development in Russia.

Trends of the world produce market and their influence on Russian market.

New technologies of handling and packing of the produce items.

Modern hi-tech approaches to the produce storage.

How to work with Russian wholesalers?

How to enter the retail chains and successfully work with them?

The wholesale center with the participation of the representatives of large and medium wholesale companies in Russia, seeking for new suppliers. The opportunity to personally negotiate with the representatives of 15-20 companies

The conference lasts for three days.


Additional Information

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